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@@ -4,40 +4,41 @@ gimli guard allows to automatically convert your files when markup is changed
h2. Install
-Please be sure to have {Guard}[] installed before continue.
+Please be sure to have "Guard": installed before continue.
Install the gem:
- gem install guard-gimli
+bc. gem install guard-gimli
Add guard definition to your Guardfile by running this command:
- guard init gimli
+bc. guard init gimli
h2. Usage
-Please read {Guard usage doc}[] and {gimli usage doc}[]
+All commands originate from the directory where the file is located
+Please read "Guard usage doc": and "gimli usage doc":
h2. Guardfile
You can adapt your markup files like you want.
-Please read {Guard doc}[] for more info about Guardfile DSL.
+Please read "Guard doc": for more info about Guardfile DSL.
- guard 'gimli' do
- watch(%r{.+\.(md|mkdn?|mdown|markdown|textile|rdoc|org|creole|re?st(\.txt)?|asciidoc|pod|\d|(media)?wiki)})
- end
+bc. guard 'gimli' do
+ watch(%r{.+\.(md|mkdn?|mdown|markdown|textile|rdoc|org|creole|re?st(\.txt)?|asciidoc|pod|\d|(media)?wiki)})
h2. Options
LiveReload guard have 1 option that you can set like this:

LiveReload? :) För övrigt mycket tufft plugin!

@walle Owner
walle added a note

Japp, lånade den strukturen ;)
Men nu är det fixat iaf.
Ja, jag är alldeles för bra på att skjuta upp arbetet. Nu har jag gjort tre gems för att underlätta det, men har inte jobbat på det :D

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- guard 'gimli', :outputdir => 'build' do
- ...
- end
+bc. guard 'gimli', :outputdir => 'build' do
+ ...
Available options:
- :outputdir => 'build' # default nil ie. working dir
+bc. :outputdir => 'build' # default nil ie. directory of file
-See {gimli doc}[] for more info.
+See "gimli doc": for more info.

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