Simple notepad like webapp/bookmarklet in three flavors. Used to scribble down notes in markdown and preview them.
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Simple website to write down ideas. Like a text document in a texteditor but with live preview for markdown. This is a development of the idea but with preview and localStorage. Only tested in Chrome so far.

Three versions exists:

  • without localStorage - nice to use as a bookmarklet with data:text/html
  • with localStorage - to save on your computer and able to save to localStorage
  • hosted - hosted at good to save as a bookmark if you don't want to bother with handling local files

Without localStorage

Easy to embed as a bookmark in your browser. Just add a new bookmark and save it as the url: data:text/html, {contents in index.html}. This version is only usable as a scribbling tool and not able to save to loal storage because of security rules in the browser.

With localStorage

Just save the html file localStorage/index.html somewere on your computer. On OS X you can open it using finder to get a editor to preview markdown. This version is able to save to localStorage. Just give the file a name at the top and press Save. To load the file you enter the name of a previously saved file and press Load.


I host the app at It's basicly the same version as localStorage/index.html but on the web. All files is still saved in your localStorage. Usable as a bookmark in your browser.