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Simple utility and class library for generating php classes from a wsdl file.
PHP Shell
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Simple WSDL to PHP classes converter. Takes a WSDL file and outputs class files ready to use.

Uses the MIT licence


Originally developed by Fredrik Wallgren,

Includes bugfixes and improvements from:

This fork has been created in an attempt to merge changes in forks of wsdl2phpgenerator which has never made it back into the original repository.

Pull requests are very welcome.


Use the executable or the Generator class directly.


./wsdl2php -i input.wsdl -o /tmp/my/directory/wsdl

The directory is created if possible.

usage listed under ./wsdl2php -h


require_once __DIR__."/path/here/Generator.php";

$generator = Generator::instance();
$generator->setDisplayCallback( function( $msg ) {
    echo "{$msg}\n";
    new Config( SOAPSERVICE, SOAPDIR ) 
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