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Simple php utility and class library for generating classes ready to use with a web service from the wsdl file.

About wsdl2phpgenerator

Wsdl2phpgenerator generates valid php 5.3 classes with optional namespace support.
It enables a fast start when about to use a webservice, just generate the code from the wsdl file, include the service class and start calling functions from the web service.

Wsdl2phpgenerator has support for separating the classes to multiple files inclusion guard the classes by class_exists() calls, namespaces and a option to just make one file with all classes.

Wsdl2phpgenerator uses phpdoc(http://www.phpdoc.org/) to document all generated classes, this means that if you use a IDE that is aware of phpdoc and uses it to generate code completion, eg Netbeans(http://netbeans.org/), you have all classes and all members of those classes at your fingertips the moment you start to code. No need for looking at the wsdl file or looking through the generated classes to find the member you are looking for.


The source does also contain a nice library for reading input from the command line. It has support for required parameters, optional parameters. Boolean and string parameters and generates a help menu dynamically.
The code is independent and in PHP5.3 resides in a separate namespace, so you can just take the code and implement it in you application.


Only one release exists, it has both a php 5.2 and a php 5.3 version. Use what is suitable for you environment. The php 5.2 version should “always” work, both for php 5.2 and php 5.3.


The easiest way to start is looking at the ExampleUsage page.