Getting Started

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  1. If you don't already have one, create a wallee account, set up a space and sign up for a PrestaShop account.
  2. Then you need to create an application user that is allowed to access the space you want to link to the PrestaShop store. Navigate to your wallee account > application user and create your application user. The user ID and the authentication key will be shown to you. Make sure to write this information down.

Application user configuration

  1. Make sure that you grant the application users the necessary rights (Account Admin) in order to configure the webhooks, payment methods etc. out of your PrestaShop store.
  2. Setup at least one processor, one payment method and a connector configuration. More information about the processor concept can be found in the documentation.
  3. Install the PrestaShop Mailhook module found here.


  1. Upload the module files to the store's module directory using FTP/SSH.
  2. Make sure the module folder name is wallee.
  3. Install the module in the shop


  1. The plugin's configuration can be found in the Modules and Services
  2. Click on Configure for the wallee payment module.
  3. Enter the credentials from before which means the wallee application user's access information and the space id. If your store is configured for multishop you need to switch the shop context to configure the space id. The configuration will be done automatically. (save before switching)
  4. Save the values by clicking the Save button.

Application user configuration

  1. Be aware that you configure the restrictions in Modules and Services > Payment otherwise it can not be used in the checkout.

Payment Method Configuration

The base configuration of the payment methods is done in wallee. After following the steps of the basic configuration, the wallee payment method configuration will be synchronized automatically into the PrestaShop store.

In Prestashop there are some styling choices available in the Modules and Services > Wallee Payment Methods section.

Payment Fee

The module allows to configure a Payment Fee for the different wallee payment methods. This is done in multiple steps.

  1. Create a PrestaShop product with price 0.00 and give it a meaning full name. e.g. "Payment Fee"
  2. In the module configuration select this newly created item as the paymetn fee product.
  3. Configure the fee for each method in the Modules and Services > Wallee Payment Methods section.
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