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Beta v1.0


The ChemPreview is built on the Meta Preview by Meta Company ( for 3D visualization of molecular structures .



How do I get set up?

you can get executable app and unity source package from

  1. Launch ChemPreview as an App:

           unzip, then double click ChemPreview.exe app.
  2. Run ChemPreview in Unity:

           unzip, then import ChemPreview.unitypackage    
  3. Operate multiple atoms:

               Option 1. choose Group function, define a model with serveral atoms    
               Option 2. choose SelectAll function, define a model with all the atoms

Function guidelines

With ChemPreview.

  1. you can visualize chemical molecules in augmented reality.
  2. you can build your own molecule by hands or importing a PDBML/XML file.
  3. you can modify the current structure by adding and deleting atoms.
  4. you can adjust the currrent structure by moving, rotating atoms.
  5. you can measure the distance, angle and dihedral.
  6. you can operate multiple atoms together.

Who do I talk to?