An interaction based partitioning API
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Yoink is a JAVA program for adaptive QM/MM partitioning. It enables one to identify QM and MM regions in a given system with a predefined fixed QM core. It is Licensed under Apache 2.0.



###1. Cloning To obtain a copy of the source code, please enter the following git command:

git clone

cd yoink

###2. Building In order to build the yoink program please use the following gradle command:

./gradlew clean build

####Note: Yoink should be rebuilt using the above gradle command anytime changes are made to the source code.

After the building phase is completed, the executable jar file can be found in:


In order to read java documentation use the following command:

./gradlew alljavadoc

then open file build/docs/javadoc/index.html with web browser

###3. Input Preparation

  • The Yoink program scans all *.xml files in the folder inputs (default) to find any job requests that will be processed by Yoink.
  • There are some example xml input files in ./src/main/resources
  • The required xml file is in the format of CML. In the beginning, we need to predefine the fixed QM core and the rest as MM, see example below.
  • For every molecular system, we can define specific parameters in the section of parameterList in xml file.
  • Note: The file contains default parameters.

###4. Run

java -jar Yoink-{version}.jar

After it starts, it will keep looking for *.xml files in the input folder and execute corresponding jobs unless the user terminates it.

###5. Result

  • The results will be written as *.xml files in the output folder. The ID of molecule represents the region to which it belongs.
  • The QM region includes molecules labelled as: QM_CORE_FIXED,QM_CORE_ADAPTIVE,QM_ADAPTIVE
  • The MM region includes molecules labelled as: MM_NOBUFFER, BUFFER
  • The smoothing factors are shown as a PropertyList in the output xml files.


  1. after gradle build is finished, go to folder "examples"

cd examples

  1. copy the executable jar file "build/libs/Yoink-{version}.jar" to current folder

cp ../build/libs/Yoink-{version}.jar ./

  1. make a new folder called "inputs"

mkdir inputs

  1. copy example input xml files in "src/main/resources" to new built folder "./inputs"

copy ../src/main/resources/* ./inputs

  1. make a new folder called "outputs"

mkdir outputs

  1. run examples

    do do adaptive QM/MM paritioning, set spring.batch.job.names=batch in file

    to do clustering based on non-covalent interaction, set spring.batch.job.names=clustering

java -jar Yoink-{version}.jar


- Adaptive QM/MM partitioning methods

Its main feature is to do density based adaptive QM/MM partitioning. Also distance and number based partitioning methods are available.

Partitioning Citation
Density-based Waller, Mark P., et al. "A Density‐Based Adaptive Quantum Mechanical/Molecular Mechanical Method." ChemPhysChem 15.15 (2014): 3218-3225.
Distance-based Kerdcharoen, et al. "A QM/MM simulation method applied to the solution of Li+ in liquid ammonia." Chemical physics 211.1 (1996): 313-323.
Number-based Takenaka, Norio, et al. "The number-adaptive multiscale QM/MM molecular dynamics simulation: Application to liquid water." Chemical Physics Letters 524 (2012): 56-61.

- Smoothing methods

Methods to alleviate the discontinuity problem:

Adaptive Citation
Buffered Force Bernstein, Noam, et al. "QM/MM simulation of liquid water with an adaptive quantum region." Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 14.2 (2012): 646-656.
Difference-Based Adaptive Soltuion Bulo, Rosa E., et al. "Toward a practical method for adaptive QM/MM simulations." Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 5.9 (2009): 2212-2221.


Subprojects in total:

Subproject Description
yoink-core-api contains all the interfaces used in Yoink
yoink-core-math common mathematic operations and functions Yoink needs
yoink-core-molecular basic description and operation about a molecular system
 yoink-core-cube     is used to do density analysis for a molecular system
 yoink-core-density  density and related properties(DORI/SEDD) calculation
 yoink-core-regionizer   calculate and define all regions
 yoink-core-adaptive    calculate smoothing factors for the buffer region
yoink-core-bootstrap   set up and execute adaptive QM/MM partitioning

Sequence Diagram


- Regionizer zoom-in


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