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@@ -14,15 +14,6 @@ Please send DONATIONS for this project using the crypto-currency addresses avail

You can help us support more currency by following this non-developer How-To:

1) To print QRCode in IE8 you must enable the "Print Background Colors and Images" checkbox on the "Page Setup" screen.
2) For Bulk Wallet I recommended using Google Chrome, it's the fastest.
3) Requires IE8+, Firefox, Chrome or sufficient JavaScript support.
4) Mobile Safari only works with iPhone4 or newer devices.Older devices timeout while executing JavaScript.
5) DO NOT use Opera Mini it renders JavaScript output server side, thereforethey might record the private key you generated.
6) Art Wallet does not work properly in IE8 due to CSS limitations.

Notice of Copyrights and Licenses:
The project, software and embedded resources are copyright

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