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C# library for integrating with Balanced (Payments for Marketplaces)
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This is a .Net library for integrating with Balanced Payments (Payments for Marketplaces).

Getting Started

The first thing you need to do to use this library is get your api key. They can be found on the balanced dashboard under "settings".

Signing up for Balanced

Test driving their api is as easy as going to (Payments for Marketplaces) and clicking 'Try It Now'

Getting an Api Key

  • Go to the Balanced Payments Dashboard
  • Click "settings"

To use the library you will 'api key secret' underneath the marketplace section.

Hello World

We tried to architect the library to follow the specs in the Balanced Payments Rest Api. Everything stems from the BalancedService:

BalancedService service = new BalancedService("myapikey");

Getting Data

Every section of the api has a direct uri path to get the data you need. If you were looking to get the details of a bank account:

BalancedService service = new BalancedService("myapikey");
var bankAccount = service.Account.Get("");

Creating Data

Creating information can be done at multiple levels. For example you can create a bank account:

BalancedService service = new BalancedService("myapikey");
var account = service.CreateBankAccount(new BankAccount()
    Name = "myName",
    AccountNumber = "120923409",
    RoutingNumber = "029034080",
    Type = BankAccountType.Checking

Or you can create a card for the default marketplace:

BalancedService service = new BalancedService("myapikey");
var card = service.CurrentMarketplace.CreateCard(new Card()
    CardNumber = "0293840298340",
    ExpirationYear = 2020,
    ExpirationMonth = 10,
    SecurityCode = 234

Common Examples


For more information on the Balanced Api itself go to the Balanced Payments Rest Api

Running the Tests

If unit testing is your thing just open Config.cs in the BalancedSharp.Test project and change the Api key. All tests are done in NUnit.


This software is licensed under the MIT License. View the LICENSE file for more information.

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