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Parse CoNLL-U files from Universal Dependencies project as a stream (
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Node module to parse CoNLL-U file format as streams

Using this module you can parse CoNLL-U files as a stream of sentence objects. You can also access the low-level line parser, if you want deeper control. Example:

var conllu = require('conllu-stream');

    .on('data', function(sentence) {



npm install --save conllu-stream

Sentence Object

The basic conllu() transform stream emits sentence objects. They are instances of conllu.sentence.model.Sentence. Properties:

  • type: 'sentence'
  • lineNumber: the first line of the source file representing this sentence
  • lineNumberEnd: the last line of the source file representing this sentence
  • tokens: a map of ids and nodes (words, multiwords, empty_node)
  • structure.all: list of ids of all nodes
  • structure.seq: list of ids of single word nodes, excluding multiwords
  • structure.raw: list of ids of words and multiwords in the original sentence text
  • structure.multiwords: list of all multiwords
  • features: key/value map of features, like sent_id or text
  • comments: list of file comments preceeding this sentence


  • toString(): String representation of this sentence (multiwords are breaked down into their components in brackets)
  • getSequence(): Get list of single word tokens

Token Object

The is parsing each line of the input stream and emitting token objects. These are plain JSON objects with the properties depending on the type.

Sentence Boundary

  • type: 'sentence_boundary'
  • lineNumber: the line of the source file representing this token

Sentence Feature

  • type: 'sentence_feature'
  • lineNumber: the line of the source file representing this token
  • key: name of the feature, fx. sent_id, text or newpar
  • value: string or boolean value of the feature, depending on the key


  • type: 'comment'
  • lineNumber: the line of the source file representing this token
  • value: string value of the file line


  • type: 'word', 'multiword', 'empty_node' or 'unknown_node'
  • lineNumber: the line of the source file representing this token
  • position: position of the word in the sentence, 1 for the first word, etc.
  • endPosition: (only for multiword) when the multiword ends
  • subPosition: (only for empty_node) secondary index, fx. 2 for a empty_node 5.2
  • id: the full id of the word, fx. 1 (word), 1-3 (multiword), 1.1 (empty_node)
  • form: written text form of the word
  • lemma: lemma related to this word
  • upostag: Universal Dependencies POS tag, fx. NOUN, VERB, PROPN, etc.
  • xpostag: Language-specific POS tag, fx. VMFIN for finite modal verbs in German
  • feats: Key/value map of morphological features
  • head: Id of word to link to in dependency tree
  • deprel: Relation of head word in dependency tree
  • deps: Enhanced dependency tree links
  • misc: Key/value map of extra properties of this token


conllu() -> Transform Stream

Transform stream takes conllu format as input stream and emits sentence objects as output object stream.


Code is licensed under MIT, please see file for details.

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