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Multi-AZ CockroachDB insecure cluster

Create and take down a multi-AZ CockroachDB (2.0.x) 3 nodes cluster with both AWS TCP & HTTP load balancing.

(The template follows the recommended official deployment at https://www.cockroachlabs.com/docs/stable/deploy-cockroachdb-on-aws-insecure.html)

You will be able to access the web UI, the SQL cluster and each private cluster nodes through a jump server.

Cockroach Dashboard



Install awless

Get the CockroachDB template directory (i.e. awless template + corresponding userdata) locally by cloning this repository:

    cd  ~/tmp
    git clone https://github.com/wallix/awless-templates


Go into the CockroachDB template directory:

    cd awless-templates/cockroachdb

Verify where awless will deploy your infrastructure by displaying you current AWS region/profile with:

    awless switch

Run the template with awless:

    awless run cockroach_insecure_cluster.aws

Note that you will be prompted with smart completion for any missing info. You will have time to review and confirm the template before running it.

Get an overview of the infrastructure you created:

    awless show cockroachdb-vpc --local

(Note the --local flag allows to look up cloud data synchronized locally by awless instead of fetching everything again remotely)


You can now interact with the deployed infrastructure. For instance:

  1. SSH connect to any of the cluster private nodes with awless ssh going through the proxy created as part of the template earlier:

    awless list instances
    awless ssh cockroachdb-node-1 --through jump-server

  2. Retrieve the loadbalancer public DNS and connect to the cluster UI in a browser with http://{PUBLIC_DNS}:8080 . You can use awless show cockroachdb-cluster --local to get the value of the public DNS

  3. Connect using sql to the cluster with (with a pre-installed cockroach binary) cockroach sql --insecure --host {TCP_PUBLIC_DNS}. Get the TCP load balancer public DNS with awless show cockroachdb-cluster-tcp --local.

Tear down ... and stop paying!

When done, tear down the infrastructure completely with:

    awless log # to find the id of the previous awless run command        
    awless revert {id}