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  • #71: Add support for Classic load-balancers:
    $ awless list classicloadbalancers
    $ awless create classicloadbalancer name=my-loadb subnets=[sub-123,sub-456] listeners=HTTP:80:HTTP:8080 healthcheck-path=/health/ping  securitygroups=sg-54321 tags=Env:Test,Created:Awless
    $ awless update classicloadbalancer name=my-loadb health-interval=10 health-target=HTTP:80/weather/ health-timeout=300 healthy-threshold=10  unhealthy-threshold=5
    $ awless attach classicloadbalancer name=my-loadb instance=@redis-prod-1
    $ awless delete classicloadbalancer name=my-loadb
  • #214: AWS_PROFILE env variable now loaded in awless in addition to the deprecated AWS_DEFAULT_PROFILE thanks to @alewando
  • Better completion for attach mfadevice and attach user commands
  • #219: Validate access key and secret key before writing into ~/.aws/credentials file


  • #220: Add double quotes to CSV output if needed thanks to @lllama
  • Fix compilation error in templates with concatenation and reference (c.f. for example in this template)
  • Parse integer beginning with '0' as string (preventing the deletion of the initial '0' for example in ... account.id=0123456789)