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Releases: wallscavesurvey/walls

2020-10-05 Official Release

05 Oct 22:58
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Finally got the helpfile issue solved! This installer now includes the help file and PDF manual.

Help file coming up blank?

Unfortunately the help file format has vulnerabilities so Windows started blocking help files from showing in a lot of circumstances.

I would recommend downloading below, extracting it somewhere, and then opening index.html in that folder to view the help in your web browser. (I'm working on bundling this help format into the installer.)

You may be able to get the default help file to work using this workaround. If not, there's a slightly more nuclear option, but you have to be a bit tech savvy and it may open you up to vulnerabilities from malicious help files.

2019-09-28 Unofficial Release

28 Sep 21:23
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Bug Fixes

  • SEF export was not working (error message: cannot find wallexp.dll). This is now fixed!

2018-12-12 Unofficial Release

13 Dec 00:04
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I'm still worried that I may be missing some of David's latest code, but this release includes both the Zip Export fix and working Compass Import. The helpfile is also missing from this installer.

Zip export fix

23 Feb 23:26
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Zip export fix Pre-release

This contains a fix for .zip file export issues (if any book or file paths within your project contain \..\ they don't get exported correctly and don't show up in Windows).


Compass import doesn't work in this build! I still need to solve some compilation problems with Compass import.
I also need to figure out how to generate an installer to make an official release.


To use this, just extract wherever you want and run walls32.exe in the extracted folder.


07 Jun 00:31
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This is the next-to-last release before David McKenzie passed.