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f# 2 years later
2018-09-08 21:30:26 +0200

What's the lure of f#?

The main lure of f# is that it's a surprisingly competent ML style language that transcends some of the limitations of CIL.

From my point of view, the main distinguishing feature for f# is Statically Resolved Type Parameters. It's a feature you don't want to see in business code (same as reflection in c#), but something that enables libraries to take f# to the next level. Compare this to type classes in Haskell and what is called functors in OCaml.

What has delighted me?

  • The editor tooling for f# has grown more stable.
  • That f# has another perspective (compared to c#).
  • Type providers can simplify one-off "scripting".

What has been annoying?

Personally most of the pain points have been in dealing with .net core.

  • Type providers have recently (2018/05/08) been fixed to work in .net core.
  • Using libraries intended to be consumed in c# that uses Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection and Microsoft.Extensions.Options requires ceremony to use.

These are minor things. For the most part I don't need dependency injection heavy code in the f# I've been writing.