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scripts used for vps/control panel control
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Provisioning scripts setup to create/destroy/suspend/unsuspend VPS containers in Virtuozzo,auto deploy/initialize control panels, and sync all current VPS's to database.
Script interacts with WHMCS billing system which generates user data used for provisioning.  Scripts is invoked as follows

ruby virtuozzo.rb #function

#function options are: create,suspend,destroy,unsuspend,license,sync

All functions but sync use data.json to know which container options to provision or which container to act upon.

License function only sets up license for Plesk server.

Sync extracts all VDS server information from WHMCS and updates tables to reflect current status of all VPS's.

Future Enhancements:

Integrate auto ip provisioning
cpanel license setup
As the tool may or not be used more and more threaded/queue base approach will need to be added. 
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