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My VIM using Vundle
VimL Shell
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My VIM setup using Vundle


curl -L "" | bash


git clone git:// ~/.vim
git clone ~/.vim/bundle/Vundle.vim
ln -s ~/.vim/vimrc ~/.vimrc
ln -s ~/.vim/gvimrc ~/.gvimrc
vim +PluginInstall +qall

Key mappings

<Leader>        = ,
jk or <C-c>     = <esc> keeping hands on the home row
<Leader>f       = CtrlP find files
<Leader>b       = CtrlP buffers
<Leader>n       = NERDTree toggle
<Leader>tb      = Tagbar toggle
<Leader>w       = strip trailing withspaces
<Leader>i       = toggle invisibles
<Leader>ln      = toggle linenumbers
<Leader>rn      = toggle relativenumbers (great for motion commands)
<Leader>a       = runs Ack
<Leader>c       = runs linters (ESLint etc)
<Leader>R       = runs current script (if language supports it)
<Leader>T       = runs test for current project (if language support it)
<Leader>m       = list methods (only in Obj-c)
<Leader>mv      = rename current file
<Leader><space> = remove current highlight
TAB             = multipurpose TAB, indent or do completion
..              = easy navigating i fugitive git history
,,              = jump between current and last opened buffer/file (C-^)
C-l             = jump to the definition (ctrl-])
C-h             = jump back (ctrl-t)
C-k / C-j       = bubble text as from (
M-j             = next buffer
M-k             = prev buffer
<F2>            = toggle past in insert mode

Go mappings:
<Leader>s       = list of interfaces which is implemented by the type under cursor
<Leader>I       = type info for the word under cursor
<Leader>gd      = open the relevant Godoc for the word under the cursor

Functions **************

Ttabs            = set tab to real tabs
Tspaces          = set tab to 2 spaces (default)
InsertTabWrapper = multipurpose TAB
RenameFile       = rename current files

Put machine/user specific settings in ~/.vimrc.local

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