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FishEye Plugins

The only entry so far is createrepo, a dead-simple URL-triggered FishEye repo creator pointing to a Git VCS, using Atlassian's plugin SDK.

I needed a way for our Git repo management service automatically create a corresponding FishEye repository when a new Git repo was created. I wasn't able to find an existing app out there that did this, so I modified the "Example-Servlet" plugin to become a RepoCreator.

The piece of the API that does this is the RepositoryAdminService, which is available from the plugin API, but not the REST api.

Getting started

Set up the Atlassian Plugin SDK environment.

Package the plugin:

createrepo$ atlas-plugin-package

The plugin jar will be built into the "target" directory.

Plugin install instructions (FishEye 2.3.3)

  1. Copy your plugin jar to /var/plugins/user
  2. From FishEye 2.3.3's admin plugins page, click the "Check for new plugins in /var/plugins/user" at bottom right. This will install the plugin.

In FishEye 2.5.x, navigate to the jar from your FishEye admin page and upload remotely.

To call the "create-repo" servlet, request this URL:


A "MyCoolProject--MyRepo" FishEye repo will be created, if it doesn't already exist.

Other Notes

  • The lib directory was copied from target/fecru/home/lib, created by a Maven build of fecrutwitter.

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