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Chitinous Crooks is a roguelike game made in seven days for the 2015 7DRL Challenge. It's a very traditional roguelike in both gameplay and aesthetics. But you have no experience levels or items to help you, just a random set of god-granted abilities. Each dungeon level, you can use up to three of these, and every time you pass a level your health is restored and you gain additional abilities to choose from.

Special thanks goes to rot.js and the tutorial at the Coding Cookies blog.


  • Arrow keys, hjkl, or wasd to move.
  • [Space] or [.] to wait.
  • [1 - 9] to invoke your god's blessings
  • [;] to look around you
  • [b] to show descriptions of blessings
  • [e] to show descriptions of enemies
  • [?] to show help screen


  1. Find the upstairs < on each floor.
  2. You don't need to kill every enemy.
  3. Find the Jewel of Zot * on Level 7 to win!
  4. Each Blessing costs 1 favor to invoke.
  5. Blessings are powerful, but you can only use 3 per level. Choose wisely.
  6. Levi favors those who progress. Health and favor are restored each level.
  7. New blessings become available each level.

7DRL Challenge History

  • Saturday: Suddenly realize it is the week of the 7drl challenge.
  • Sunday: Never made a game before. No detailed plans. Decide to try anyway. Start coding at around 11:30 pm...
  • Monday (Day 1): Have been working on another js project recently so I feel like I have momentum. I'll use RoT.js.
  • Use the tutorial at Coding Cookies to get a foundation. Strip out stuff I don't need like inventory and experience.
  • Start on gameplay idea based loosely on card games. You randomly draw a hand of cards (prayers, spells). You can only 'play' so many per turn/level/whatever. Not straying too far for basic roguelike gameplay as I'm expecting a lot of effort just to make a game that works.
  • Got an @ in a dungeon.
  • Tuesday: I need a theme. Anything but goblins. I dunno, lobsterfolk? Sure. Sounds good. Ooh, and they can have an Atlantissy dungeon. And the player's god and abilities can be sea themed. Okay, this works.
  • Add a few lobsterfolk enemies and start working on abilities system.
  • Wednesday: Didn't have a lot of time today. Implement a few abilities.
  • Thursday: Implement more abilities.
  • Friday: Didn't get a chance to work on the game.
  • Saturday: Add crabfolk and snails.
  • Add win and lose screens.
  • Sunday (Day 7): Final abilities.
  • Testing.
  • Bug fixing.
  • Add touchscreen controls.
  • Game finished around 10:40 pm.

POST 7DRL Changelog


  • Add link to original 7DRL version.
  • Buff healing from 'Swell' to 4HP.
  • Increase size of 'Vortex Ward' and make it push away directly adjacent enemies.
  • Increase 'Flow Into Time' duration to 8 turns, but make player attacks do 0 damage while it's active.
  • Remove 'Overflowing'.
  • Add a message when you enter a new floor that informs player that they are healed and have new blessings.
  • Make the text 'Jewel of Zot' consistently magenta.
  • Clean up the 'look' screen.
  • Add a note to indicate that you can move by swiping on touchscreens.
  • Responsive canvas sizing for small screens.
  • Change swipe action to only work on game canvas.
  • Other touch improvements.
  • Prevent unwanted scrolling from arrow keys, spacebar, etc.
  • A few other UI tweaks.


  • Touch buttons shouldn't fire twice on Dolphin browser anymore.
  • Game window scales wider on small screens now.
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