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Dragon Tax Return Simulator 2015


A game created in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 33 for the theme "You are the Monster".

The game has been updated since the game jam release, but the original Ludum Dare entry version is preserved at

Ludum Dare entry page


A game where you are a dragon and you need to finish your tax return quickly. Pen and paper and calculator recommended.

Mini FAQ

Why are there no deductions?

Dragons rarely actually spend their hoards, so they have no expenses to deduct.

Why does a dragon have a smartphone?

It's 2015.

Is doing real taxes this hard?

Well, the simplest United States income tax form, the 1040EZ, is two pages long and has 43 pages of instructions. But on the other hand, most people have longer than 10 minutes to work on it.

2017 Auditor's Cut Update

New Stuff

  • Detailed final report lets you figure out where you went wrong.
  • Claw cursor.
  • Updates to shop name and item name generators.


  • Fixed a bug that made the page always start with scrollbars.
  • One type of form had a . missing.

Post Jam Update

New Stuff

  • Fancy letterheads for noble complaint notes.
  • Fancy letterheads for shopkeeper complaints, complete with random shop names.
  • More variety between pieces of paper in the paper shade, fonts, etc.
  • A few new compliant messages.
  • A loading screen to preload all the fonts.
  • Experimental Print and Play Mode added. Just print the page. Works best with headers and footers turned off. Check your browser's print preview before printing just in case.


  • Lots of typos fixed.
  • Removed references to non-existent forms D-347 and D-223.
  • Old numbers are now cleared from the form when you reload the page.
  • A scoring bug with lines B6 and B7 was fixed. The bug did not affect final result on line C2.

Print and Play Mode

print and play

How to print and play

  1. Open the game.
  2. (optional) In your browser, go to your print settings and turn off headers and footers.
  3. (optional) Do a print preview to make sure everything looks good. Should be around 20 pages.
  4. From your browser menu, select print. Or try Ctrl+P or Command+P.
  5. Wait for all the paper to come out.
  6. Put aside the Answer Checker Table to remove temptation.
  7. With scissors, cut out the appraisal reports and small complaint notes.
  8. (optional) Set a timer.
  9. Lay out all the papers and fill out the D-1045 form as usual. This is the game!
  10. When you're done, use the Answer Checker Table to check your answers and see how you did!

Other modes

  • Try to finish the form together with a friend.
  • Print multiple copies and race against a friend or friends.
  • Make up your own rules, there's no wrong way to play!


The following tools and libraries were used:

Thanks to the creators of the following fonts:


Dragon Tax Simulator 2015 is Β© Matt Walsh 2015 under the MIT License.

TypoBackgrounds font is Β© Manfred Klein, used under Simple Terms of Use at


πŸ²πŸ“ Dragon Tax Return Simulator 2015 - A game made for Ludum Dare 33








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