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Icons for Academy Color Encoding System (ACES) new file formats: ACESclip, CommonLUT (CLF), CTL, etc.
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Icons for the new file formats introduced with the upcoming release of the Academy Color Encoding System (ACES) specifications.

ACESclip CLF ACESclip (old)

Each filetype icon has its own subfolder; single-icon file formats are available for Windows (.ico) and Apple (.icns). A global icon library (.icl) including all of the above is also present in the root folder. The Adobe Photoshop original template (.psd format) may also be present.

Sizes 512×512 down to 16×16 pixels, at 32bits/pixel, 256-colors and 16-colors (EGA palette), with nonlinear scaling of graphic details (“opticals”).

Icons for the following ACES-related file formats are included:

  • ACESclip sidecar file* (.ACESclip.xml extension; specs under review)
  • ACESclip manifest file (.ACESclip.xml extension; cfr. specs TB-2019-009); .psd available
  • CLF * color lookup table file* (CommonLUT Format, .clf extension; specs under review)

Original design and optical-downscale adaptions by Walter Arrighetti.

Icons with * inspired by original sketches by Frank Jonen.

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