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The HTML5 framework



Popcorn.js is an event system for < video >, with strong syntactic sugar for chaining < video > methods and adding events to the timeline.

Popcorn is a JavaScript Function that wraps the native < video > element and returns a Popcorn object which;

  1. maintains a reference to the original HTMLVideoElement
  2. provides a normalized interface to the < video > elements native methods and properties.
  3. adds a special data property which contains meta data about the (this is where the magic happens)

By normalizing the native methods, the framework allows developers to write chainable function executions off the returned Popcorn object.


We have begun API documentation here:

Plugin Factory

Popcorn also offers a plugin factory. Popcorn plugins are a way for developers to wrap functionality that responds to a point in a video.


We are working on the 0.3 & 1.0 Roadmaps at


A changelog can be found here:

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