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#This is a rock-simple PHP calendar

It uses the venerable Unix utility cal to generate a text calendar, a simple text document containing the calendar events, and a mixture of CSS and JavaScript to create links to those events.

Naturally, it only works on a Unix or Linux server, and since I'm a total Prototype-head, it uses the Prototype JavaScript library, (so no jQuery if you know what's good for you!).

##Instructions Upload the entire project to your server, and edit the data/data.txt files to reflect your own calendar.

The format is simple -- Date in ISO, a space, a URL that the date should link to, another space, and a title for the link. If you create more than one link for any given day, the JavaScript will create a multi-select widget to expose them for the user.

2011-03-11 Apple, Inc.
2011-03-05 Walter Davis Studio
2010-12-31 Times Square
2011-03-11 Apple Store

Edit the lib/minical.php line 2 to reflect the time zone you want to use, unless you are in the US East Coast time zone.

Add script tags for prototype.js and cal.js to the head of your HTML page, and link to the stylesheet css/minical.css. Create a DIV on your page with the classname minical. Preview in a browser, and you should see a tiny calendar in the page replacing any contents of that DIV. If you want to add a "sorry, you don't have JavaScript enabled" message, just put that inside the DIV.minical element.