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bbs100 by Walter de Jong <walter at> (C) 1997-2015
Credits are due to:
- The original Citadel developers
for more information on Citadel, see
- Doctor Dave of iscaBBS, developer of DOC (Dave's Own version of Citadel)
iscaBBS is the BBS of the Iowa Student Computer Association at
- Serendipity of iscaBBS
- Edward Breedveld aka Freddy Krueger and Jaap Dijkshoorn <jaap at>
aka Distroyer of BrintaBBS for founding BrintaBBS
- Ruben van Staveren <ruben at> aka The Guru aka Het Guur for
running as first beta tester at and for early registration
of the domain
- Petros Mylonopoulos <r00t__beer at> aka Afterworld and
Stephan van Beerschoten <myth at> aka Myth
for encouraging the bbs100 project and beta testing
- some unknown people for providing the example feelings
- Marcel Gagne' for giving bbs100 good press in Linux Journal (June 2005)
and last but not least
- all other people who actually run, use, maintain, or distribute bbs100
Credits for bug fixes et al after public release
- CHIPS <chips at> reports bug in startup code:
write_pidfile() used PARAM_PID_FILE even before the param file was loaded
fixed in 1.1.1
Big thanks also go to CHIPS for maintaining the bbs100 coding mailing
list. The list is gone now but it was fun while it lasted.
- Jaap Dijkshoorn <jaap at> was the first one to suggest 'make setup'
in order to simplify installation
first appeared in 1.1.2
- Martin Bethlehem <dmouse at> reports that bbs100 compiles and
installs fine on RedHat Linux on a DEC Alpha machine
- Jason Lentz <lentz at> reported that Linux Slackware has its own
SignalHandler type in /usr/include/signal.h
fixed in version 1.1.2; SignalHandler is now called SignalVector
- Arend Brouwer <arend at> reports that the password crypting does
not work correctly on FreeBSD 4.0 with MD5 encryption algorithm
fixed in 1.1.3; init_crypt() now detects whether the system has standard
DES crypt() or not and uses crypt() accordingly
- Stephan van Beerschoten <myth at> points out that the Guest user
can lock the screen, which is pretty annoying
changed in 1.1.3, although now Guest can't see how locking works...
- Icabod <icabod at> reports that bbs100 compiles and runs
fine on a PowerMac running LinuxPPC.
- Mz Boobala <boobala at> of MatrixBBS reports bug; when you hit
'd' of delete msg right after you've saved a message, you can delete
other people's posts
fixed in 1.1.5
- Ruben van Staveren <ruben at> reported that Ctrl-R for the
room config menu of Home> was not documented in the Help
fixed in 1.1.6
- Mz Boobala <boobala at> reported that the message number was
wrong when replying to a reply
fixed in 1.1.6
- Richard Odekerken <richard at> reported that his compiler
choked on the control characters in the bbs100 source
fixed in 1.1.6
- Unixman, Mz Boobala, Richard, Het Guur, Gabberhead, Mickey (and possible
others I forgot to mention) of the test site for helping identify the weird
problems for Mac and Windows users
(should be) fixed in 1.1.6
- Jeremy Stock <stockj at> for giving the (old) idea of notification
that someone is sending/mailing you a message when logging out
first appeared in 1.1.7
- Martin Bethlehem <dmouse at> suggested to change "unzappable"
to "not zappable".
changed in 1.1.8
- The Ruiner of MatrixBBS said that "You do get by this way" is bad grammar.
changed in 1.1.8
- Stephan van Beerschoten <myth at> reported problem with early 1.1.9
distribution; it didn't compile out of the box.
Now it's been fixed in an hour later re-release of 1.1.9
- Arend Brouwer <arend at> for reporting the double friend
notification messages when a user does multiple logins and kills his own
(other) login.
fixed in 1.1.12
- Mickey of MatrixBBS for reporting bug in anonymous posting
fixed in 1.1.12
- Fearlezz of MatrixBBS for a contributed patch that fixed a bug in
the Sysop menu, and a patch for better word-wrapping
fixed in 1.1.13
- Mutation of MatrixBBS for a contributed patch that added the
'Read Again' and 'Read Parent of Reply' options
new in 1.1.13
- Shannon Prickett <spameater at> contributed a patch
Ctrl-W does word erase when editing
'ABORT' also aborts an X message
new in 1.1.13
- Mz Boobala of MatrixBBS;
Lobby> should always be checked for new posts.
upon login, Lobby> should be read first if there are new messages
fixed in 1.1.13
- Lightspeed of MatrixBBS reported that when you delete all posts in a room
using the Room Config menu option Ctrl-R, users are not able to see new
posts. You should reset the creation date as well. This is something you
don't want to do for invite-only rooms. It is still a bug, but in 1.1.13
it prints a warning message about it.
Lightspeed also made a suggestion on how to fix the problem of the Lobby>
not being read first (easy, but thanks anyway :)
- Nuke/Banish/Disconnect/Kick user no longer have a default name presented
on the prompt. Reported by Mz Boobala and Richard of MatrixBBS
fixed in 1.1.13
- Erik of MatrixBBS reported some things:
Color typo in -anonymous- message header
Ability to see how long a user is idle
Suggested a hold message mode (under Ctrl-B)
done in 1.1.13
- Cease To Resist <v at> reported problem with MD5 passwords that
have long salts
fixed in 1.1.13
- When uploading, the connection could hang
reported by Mz Boobala of MatrixBBS
fixed in 1.1.13
- Donated patches by Richard of MatrixBBS:
Press Ctrl-T for a talked-to list (also works on Recipient: prompt)
Press Ctrl-D on the roomprompt to change your Doing field
Press 'm' to send mail (it doesn't matter which room you are in)
typo's fixed: 'receiption' vs. 'reception'
typo fixed: "suddenly logged off"
Disable/enable Xs remembers if you were available to help others
bbs tells you if someone is busy sending you a message in follow-up mode
profile shows total amount of time the user is online
PARAM_NAME_SYSOP can no longer be used as login name
Replies in rooms without subject show up as 'Re: <message number>'
new/fixed in 1.1.13
- Myth of MatrixBBS reported problem with loading rooms at startup,
if the directory had been moved to <number>.old ...
fixed in 1.1.13
- Eeyore of MatrixBBS reported that no friend notification is sent when
a friend locks the terminal, and then unlocks it by logging in again
fixed in 1.2.1
- Ove <ove at> reported problems with building on Solaris
- Stephan van Beerschoten <stephanb at> did testing of
version 1.3.0 (development version) on Solaris 8
- Shannon Prickett <binder at> suggested disabling certain
features. Implemented through parameters in 1.2.3 (development version)
- Russ Allbery <rra at> wrote the alternative inet_aton()
implementation (which I called ipv4_aton() for convenience)
- Stephan van Beerschoten <stephanb at> suggested displayal of
'BBS birthdays'
- Jeremy Stock <jstock at> for reporting problems on Mac OS X
and providing me with a login on his Mac OS X machine
Version 3.0:
- Blastah of MatrixBBS reported a bug in color_strlen()
- The Ruiner of MatrixBBS reported a bug in forwarding messages to another
user's Mail> room
- Georbit <georbit at> found and fixed a problem with logging in
- Berlin of MatrixBBS suggested that empty rooms be 'cycled' when there
are no new messages
- Richard of MatrixBBS suggested (ages ago) that the BBS name be shown
when locked
- Vonda suggested the minus key for removing recipients in recipient list
editing (this was already available with Ctrl-R)
- Lord Lerkista reported a bug in restartable timers
- Mz Boobala requested that the room aide flag always be reset when entering
a room. I guess it's more logical that way
- Martin Bethlehem provided a patch for supporting cygwin on Win32
- Vonda's comments led to the implementation of parameter helper_age
- Customizable eXpress Message header as implemented by Richard
- vanity flag in profile info like implemented by Richard or Myth
- disable reception of multi messages like implemented by Richard
- Vonda came with the idea of auto-coloring
- English Buchanan pointed out that when being in Sysop or Room Aide mode,
the new message header doesn't reflect that status until you read the
posted message
- Vonda suggested asking for a reason when going away, like on MalteBBS
- English Buchanan (among others) suggested using the caret ^ for color
editing and not just Ctrl-V. Although it tends to mess up ASCII art,
eventually I gave in
- News reported a bug in the profile of an online Guest user
- Vonda suggested that people who have messages put on hold, are not able
to send messages themselves
- Cancel reboot/shutdown work with the same keys as reboot/shutdown
This is really an idea by News (although he never did make the
suggestion to implement it as such in bbs100)
- English Buchanan suggested that Read New shows the number of new
- English Buchanan suggested that Delete Mail> also deletes the recipient's
- English Buchanan suggested that X disable disabled everyone but a specific
override list, different from the (default) friend list
- Vonda suggested that the default room can be set
- Vonda suggested that it tells you when there are new messages
- English Buchanan suggested that Sysop can check what new users have been
created lately
- Vonda suggested that the logout screen remains visible for a while after
logging out, because Windows clients have a habit of closing the terminal
window immediately when disconnecting
- Jeremy Stock noticed a problem with the visibility of hidden rooms
- English Buchanan suggested color yellow for the away reason
- English Buchanan found bug in the read minus functionality
- Vonda noted that notification messages should not be received out of order
- English Buchanan noted that line wrapping with a space at the end of line
while editing was not pretty
- Vonda noticed that multi's that could not be received were mailed to all
recipients of the multi message, rather than to the single person who did
not receive the message
- English Buchanan found a problem with Zap All
- Snow Queen hit a problem with Mail>
- Jeremy Stock suggested not to use tilde for color editing, as the character
may appear in URLs
- Berlin suggested that reply posts should have a "in reply to" header
like in DOC
- English Buchanan suggested that hidden rooms work in a better way
- English Buchanan pointed out problems with automatic HH status toggling
- English Buchanan found a corrupted old message that also triggered a bug
in loading old messages
- Vondaa suggested better name matching for finding rooms
- English Buchanan asked for nologin confirmation
- Mickey hit a crasher when forwarding messages
- English Buchanan found a problem with removing all messages in a room
- Simon Tatham for describing list merge sort and giving a good code example
- English Buchanan found a problem with the 'busy mailing' message
- Georbit found and fixed crasher bug in shift_StringIO()
- Ignacio Arque'-Latour suggested the Help menu
I think this has been suggested by others before, but now I actually
implemented it
- English Buchanan found a problem with double mail replies being sent
in certain cases
- Myth found a problem that "Answers" could not be replied to with 'v'
- Haroon Al-Qahtani hit a crasher on debian GNU/Linux PPC
Many thanks for helping resolve this problem