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Changes as of February 22nd 2015
- view slab cache stats in Sysop menu
Changes as of February 21st 2015
- implemented a SLUB allocator
Changes as of July 1st 2007
- release 3.2
Changes as of June 25th 2007
- fixed crasher on some platforms (like debian PPC) where v*printf() does
not accept NULL as varargs parameter
Changes as of June 22nd 2007
- fixed bug; buffer overflow when logging in as Guest when a Guest was already there
Changes as of May 28th 2007
- fix stupid looking 'Originally in ...' when doing Reply in Mail>
- fixed bug; sending double Mail replies back to the sender in some cases
- fixed bug; 'v' reply to Answer/Question did not work
Changes as of May 26th 2007
- PARAM_HELPDIR configucable through Sysop menu
- fixed typos in Help text
Changes as of May 25th 2007
- applied patch by Georbit to fix crasher bug
- new Help system with a menu
Changes as of May 11th 2007
- removed all compiler warnings for gcc 4
- updated zoneinfo files
- make install also installs the zoneinfo files
Changes as of November 7th 2006
- IP mask should be entered in same form as IP address (v4 or v6)
- fixed bug: mailing to yourself is possible again
Changes as of November 3rd 2006
- replaced get_basename() with standard basename()
- Wrappers with in_addr and in6_addr, and inet_ntop(), inet_pton()
Changes as of February 18th 2006
- make live core dumps from the Sysop menu when built with -DEBUG
without having to crash the BBS
- release 3.0
Changes as of February 8th 2006
- fixed dependencies on config.h for some includes
Changes as of February 1st 2006
- fixed race condition for sending Mail to enemies
- Mails with MailTo.number not set are no longer saved
- fixed race condition with logging out while receiving an X message;
the lost messages are saved as Mail
Changes as of January 25th 2006
- bugfix in logrotation: multiple rotation timers would be active at
the same time
Changes as of January 24th 2006
- bugfix; sometimes X would say that Y was busy mailing X, when Y was
mailing Z
Changes as of January 19th 2006
- version is now a symbol (nice for 'print version' command while analyzing
a core dump)
Changes as of January 14th 2006
- use KEEPALIVE sockets
Changes as of January 8th 2006
- safe cstrerror()
- bind() retries for 2,5 minutes when the address is in use (the port is
- when debug is enabled, sysop has a crash option to dump core
- lists are now sorted using merge sort, which is more efficient
- word-wrapping didn't take the length of the prompt into consideration
Changes as of January 7th 2006
- view old logs in color as well
- view yesterday's log (shortcut to the log archive)
- edit reboot and shutdown screen from sysop menu
- close() newfd before using dup2()
- guard process reboots the BBS
Changes as of January 6th 2006
- Free() is a macro that resets argument to NULL (to be sure)
- reboot/shutdown waits a bit longer so the logout can complete nicely
Changes as of January 5th 2006
- tiny fix in destroy_User()
Changes as of December 29th 2005
- closefile() checks for 0 byte files
Changes as of December 13 2005
- hidden room visibility for sysops
- bugfix for removing all messages in a room
Changes as of November 22nd 2005
- added define USE_BINALLOC for if you want the special purpose mem allocator
- configure option --enable-debug (default yes)
- configure option --enable-binalloc (default no)
Changes as of November 21st 2005
- better bounds checking in timezone code
Changes as of November 18th 2005
- fix for displaying notify_unhold() message too often; shouldn't do this for
hold message mode when busy
Changes as of November 15th 2005
- fix for when Mail> and Home> have a different room name in the files
they must be named Mail> and Home> in bbs100
- fix word-wrapping for dots '...' ; don't wrap on a dot
Changes as of November 12th 2005
- forwarding would crash when there was no message to forward
- print time to shutdown/reboot
- bugfix for removing timers from the queue
Changes as of November 10th 2005
- CONN_WAIT_CLOSE installs close-timer for ConnUser; CONN_WAIT_CLOSE2 sits idle until CLOSE
Changes as of November 9th 2005
- log rotation timer cannot modify the global timerq (SEGV)
- when log rotation is set to 'never', keep the timer running anyway or you won't be able to
change log rotation from 'never' back to 'daily' or whatever
- sigfatal() used to be a dummy, but can be called when SEGVing while blocking signals
Changes as of November 8th 2005
- more fixes for timers and signals
Changes as of November 7th 2005
- keep the timer queues sorted at all times
- certain signals modify the global timerq, so they must be blocked when the timerq runs
Changes as of November 6th 2005
- fix for crasher when logins time out; cannot modify timerqueue from within
a timer function. This introduces the close_wait state and handler
- disconnect user produces a notify_linkdead() message
Changes as of November 5th 2005
- fix for held busy (display after room prompt)
- fixes for word-wrapping in chat rooms
- better name matching in find_abbrevRoom()
- sysop menu delete room asks for Yes/No
- sysop menu nologin asks for Yes/No
- sysop menu disconnect asks for Yes/No
- sysops not allowed to disconnect/nuke/banish each other
- nologin persists after reboot via file etc/
- connections hang around for 2 seconds after any kind of disconnect
- fix for disappearing connections on Connection reset by peer
Changes as of November 2nd 2005
- automatic toggling of the HELPING_HAND flag fixed for ppl that are on hold
- fixed crasher in loading old Mail
Changes as of November 1st 2005
- hidden rooms can no longer be found by trying all numbers
- guess-name rooms can only be found by typing the exact name for the 1st time
- hidden rooms that are invite-only give ACCESS_HIDDEN
- invitations are no longer checked for rooms that are not invite-only
- set core limit in bbs startup script
Changes as of October 30th 2005
- live daylight saving time changes when a transition occurs
- check out of band data in mainloop
- bugfix in handle_pending_signals()
Changes as of October 29th 2005
- bugfix in editing wrappers
Changes as of October 27th 2005
- bugfix in add_Timer()
Changes as of October 25th 2005
- "in reply to <user>" header for reply posts
- fixed small memory leak in aborting replies
- Sysop can no longer jump into people's Home> nor Mail>
(reading others Mail already was impossible, but Sysop could still go there)
- original room name is saved in the message, so it displays this when
the room name is changed (like DOC does)
- forwarded messages display 'forwarded from <room name>'
- mail to 'Sysop' mails to all sysops
- download expands carets to double carets
- caret + non-color character produces exactly that
Changes as of October 24th 2005
- wrapping for asterisk
Changes as of October 18th 2005
- don't use tilde for color editing; it may appear in URLs
Changes as of October 16th 2005
- invites to Home> are no longer logged (respect privacy)
- fixes in edit wrapping
Changes as of October 15th 2005
- bugfix in sort_List() for root pointers that are NULL
Changes as of October 14th 2005
- messages with only color codes are treated as empty
Changes as of October 12th 2005
- do not number X messages that were sent as Mail>
- fixed bug in Zap All, function unjoin_room()
Changes as October 11th 2005
- redesigned loop_send_msg(); it now works by popping off the stack
although more allocating/deallocating, the code is much more comprehensible
- fixed bug in validating the last_read field of Joined struct in load_User()
Changes as of October 10th 2005
- notification messages should not be received out of order
- bugfix for line wrapping with spaces and tabs
- bugfix for reply in X History
- bugfix for mailing multi's that could not be received
Changes as of October 9th 2005
- bugfix in enter_minus_msg() with going back from the room prompt
- bugfix; room aides are supposed to be sorted
(sort_StringList() takes address of the root pointer)
- bugfix; BinMalloc() would fail for certain sizes because it always counts
to have a second marker in the bin
- 's' Stops reading (without forgetfulness), but Skips on the room prompt
- posting in an empty room caused you to be able to read back to message #0
(which does not exist) so the tail pointer has to be reset when posting
- room cycling is off by default
- auto-coloring of dots when editing
- changed 'History' to 'X History', because it may be confused with the
History room, if present
- colorbug in editing with > sign (due to edit_long_code())
- word wrapping bug for words like "doesn't"
Changes as of October 8th 2005
- removed the OnlineUser Tree code; it doesn't work, and the Hash was more
efficient and memory-efficient anyway
- when rebooting, the socket would still be in use, so it wouldn't bind
- when a new user is creating, an error message would be logged about
loading the new user, because its profile info could not be loaded yet
Changes as of October 6th 2005
- guess-name rooms are configurable by Sysop
- room visibility when loading users
- rewrote joining/unjoining rooms when being invited/kicked
Changes as of October 5th 2005
- bugfix for visibility of hidden rooms
Changes as of October 2nd 2005
- time zones are offline when files are missing and a warning is logged
- bugfix in cstrmatch()
- umask 027 when doing first install
Changes as of October 1st 2005
- BinMalloc() wouldn't run on certain architectures; memory alignment fix
Changes as of September 27th 2005
- Feelings are now done with list_DirList() (and saving some memory)
- use POKE_ARG to reset an argument (needed this for the Feelings menu)
- RTF_UPLOAD would remain set after uploading sometimes
- skip room doesn't always skip back to Mail>
Changes as of September 25th 2005
- sysop has access to the log archive
- rewrote crummy code; select time zone in Config menu now uses DirList
- ping: you can't be busy and idle at the same time
Changes as of September 22nd 2005
- added listdir(), but not using it yet
- 'E' uploads message, as does 'M' for Mail
- logged out users linger in an idle state
Changes as of September 21st 2005
- view logfiles in full color
- new users are logged in a special newusers log;
- sysop can have a look at the newusers log
- new params NEWUSERLOG (filename) and MAX_NEWUSERLOG (# of entries)
- logout pauses a short while before closing the connection
Changes as of September 20th 2005
- view bbslog and authlog from sysop menu
- tab completion for room names works better
- it tells you when there are new messages in a room
Changes as of September 17th 2005
- automatic override: when X disabled, people that you X, can X you back
- toggle USR_BLOCK_FRIENDS removes friends from override list
- 'X' disable resets the override list
- (the override list is not saved upon logout)
- override list can be managed by pressing 'o' at roomlevel or via the
friend/enemy list menus
Changes as of September 14th 2005
- bugfixes in forwarding messages
- bugfixes for skip and read minus <n> messages
- change room info in the same way as profile info
- consistent with screens menu in sysop menu
Changes as of September 13th 2005
- option: set default room
- removed PARAM_HAVE_CYCLE_ROOMS and turned it into an option
- option: by default, enter message uploads
Changes as of September 10th 2005
- added PUSH_ARG and POP_ARG: argument passing via CallStack
- sending mail in loop broke some stuff, took a lot of time to fix...
- bugfix: it was not possible to Skip Lobby> nor Mail>
Changes as of September 9th 2005
- added option to block friends when X disabled
Changes as of September 8th 2005
- added Tree code
- OnlineUser is now a Tree
Changes as of September 7th 2005
- changed Queue to QueueType so that it works like ListType
- message->to is now a Queue
Changes as of September 6th 2005
- room->inside is now PQueue
- room loading uses prepend_Room(), which is faster
- HomeRooms uses prepend_Room()
- feelings use prepend
- usr->friends and usr->enemies are StringList again and use prepend
- sort_List() modifies the root pointer
- room_aides, invited, kicked are now sorted lists
- use prepend_Joined()
- helping hand selection is more efficient and truly LRU
- temporarily disable helping hand status when locked
- usr->scroll is now a PQueue
- number of users in chatroom shown upon enter
- a race existed for add/delete feeling; this race is now detected
- delete Mail deletes all copies, undelete Mail undeletes all copies
- scalability: mail is sent/deleted/undeleted in a loop
Changes as of September 3rd 2005
- added Queue type; it does efficient adding, prepending, and counting
- bugfix; enter homeroom would display wrong room name to invited users
- usr->chat_history is now a StringQueue
- usr->recipients is now a StringQueue
- usr->tablist is now a StringQueue
- usr->friends is now a StringQueue
- usr->enemies is now a StringQueue
- who list works with PQueue
- list_Count() is now called count_List(), analog to count_Queue()
- room chat history is now a StringQueue
Changes as of August 30th 2005
- rewrote loop_send_msg() a bit
Changes as of August 29th 2005
- Yes/No prompts inconsistencies fixed
- users can X to themselves again, esp. nice for checking out Feelings
Changes as of August 28th 2005
- sysop can upload files and screens
- fixed case in which word-wrap didn't look so good
- option show short/long color codes in downloaded text
- option show pager for downloaded text
- upload/download profile info
- upload/download room info
- sysop can add/remove feelings from within the sysop menu
Changes as of August 27th 2005
- Read New shows number of new messages
- removed room->msgs and changed it into a head and tail pointer
this saves memory and is hyper-efficient
- fixed bug; no new rooms could be created when room list was sorted by
- who list room for sysops removed (could be used to spy on users)
- log # of users online
- long/short profile info
- sysop can see user 'BBS birth date' in profile
Changes as of August 24th 2005
- cancel reboot works with same key as reboot
this kills the functionality of reprogramming a running reboot timer,
but hey ...
- cancel shutdown works with same key as shutdown
this kills the functionality of reprogramming a running shutdown timer,
but hey ...
- bugfix, shutdown/reboot broadcast message would sometimes print incorrect
- changed memory object cache to work independently from memory allocator
- new memory Stats
- bugfix, Home> would not be visible in the known rooms list when chat
rooms are not enabled, but Home> rooms are. Homes are always chat rooms
- bugfixes for when Lobby> is a chat room
- removed memory object cache; it makes BinMalloc inefficient because it
doesn't know the underlying allocator is aligning things;
For stats, it was nice, but BinMalloc can display them too;
BinMalloc works like an object cache that does preallocation
- linked memory bins of the same size
Changes as of August 23rd 2005
- new BinAlloc seems to be working alright
Changes as of August 21st 2005
- no error message would be given if bind_address was an IPv6 address, but
the system was not IPv6 enabled
- removed BinAlloc; going to try a different approach
Changes as of August 20th 2005
- fixed bug in name resolving (was an unterminated string)
- config option: sequence numbers on messages
- hotkeys without angle brackets on dumb terminal: warn that user can
hit <k> to enable brackets
- can also use ~ (tilde) for color editing
- show message header and subject 'as is' when entering new message
- chatroom messages arrive as you are editing, and they appear right
above the edit line (so it looks much better this way)
- reduced MAX_SUB_BUF to only 8 bytes; it doesn't need more space
- Conn.ipnum and Conn.hostname are now dynamically allocated
- Message.subject, .anon, .deleted_by are now dynamically allocated
- undelete message shows the message text and prompts you for a choice
- 's' skips the room rather than stopping
Changes as of August 18th 2005
- parameter bind_address for binding to a specific interface
Changes as of August 14th 2005
- BinAlloc is finally working, but fragments just as much
- sysop menu shows BinAlloc status
- load_StringIO() allocates complete filesize in one go
Changes as of August 13th 2005
- implemented special purpose memory allocator but it's not any better than
malloc() at all ...
- memory balance in sysop menu
- bugfix for background color
Changes as of August 7th 2005
- input buffers initialized to small buffers
- I/O buffers automatically shrink again
Changes as of August 6th 2005
- portability: use of bufprintf(), which really maps to snprintf(),
if you have HAVE_SNPRINTF
- portability: eliminated use of strtoul(), use cstrtoul()
- portability: use cstrerror() rather than strerror()
- portability: use make_dir() rather than mkdir()
- portability: use remove_dir() rather than rmdir()
- bounds checking with cstrcpy(), cstrcat()
- memory object cache can be switched on/off in a live system
- hostmap works through file cache, no longer permanently resident
Changes as of August 5th 2005
- mkpasswd displays asterisks when entering a password
- some minor things that a different compiler found
- a few things lint came with
- configure script changes
Changes as of August 3rd 2005
- most common functions work on history prompts
- boss key works on all menus
- customizable colors for symbols
- Are you sure? on Nuke user
- do proper output flushing of connections that are suddenly closed
Changes as of August 2nd 2005
- when in Held Message Mode, the user is unable to send messages
- splitted state.c to state.c and state_room.c
- "# 0" or "# 1" takes you to the first message in the room
- state_history.c, '#', '+', '-' commands on history prompts
Changes as of August 1st 2005
- X History and Held Messages prompt have a new look
Changes as of July 31th 2005
- talked_to list generated from X history rather than always resident
- friend/enemy list menu in same style as Config menu
- friend/enemy list in sorted columns
- room invites/kickouts in sorted columns
- filecache works with references: big memory saver
- bugfix in filecache expiration
- Questions have corresponding Answers
- questions counted in statistics
- extended statistics screen for sysop with stats since boot time
- removed md5 source checksums
- clear_screen in More prompt for color terms, makes it look better
Changes as of July 30th 2005
- seperate config menu for customizing colors
- config option: hotkeys can be printed as bold or not
- Ctrl-L reprints menus and reprints page on --More-- prompt
- bugfix in terminal height being off by one
- (most) menu's printed with --More-- prompt for small terminal windows
- buffer_text() for buffering to usr->text (now why didn't I think of this
earlier..?) So I changed everything to work with buffer_text()
- reversed zip code and city in profile (US style)
- edit_tabname() does find enemies if USR_SHOW_ENEMIES is set
Changes as of July 29th 2005
- BUFMSG_SEEN flag no longer exists
- introduced bitmask BUFMSG_TYPE; can have 256 message types
- reference count on BufferedMsg; 1 copy for all references!
- Sysops can press $ in toplevel menus to drop out of sysop mode
- KEY_CTRL('Q') (hardcoded only) to temporarily force off auto-coloring
- PARAM_HAVE_RESIDENT_INFO; option of throwing profile and room info out
of core memory and saving a few Ks. If you enable the filecache, there is
always the chance that is cached as well anyway
- ROOM_DIRTY flag prevents unnecessary saving of rooms (esp. good for demand
loaded rooms Home> and Mail>
Changes as of July 28th 2005
- away reason for locking and hold message mode
- config option of turning off asking for a reason
- print online status after unlocking
- nologin shown more clearly in Sysop menu
- verbose friend notification for putting messages on hold
- categories listed in columns in Sysop and Room Config menu
- default is do auto-coloring
- colored strings all changed to support 'Classic' and 'Modern' coloring
- tabs in messages are possible; they expand to 4 spaces
- color editing also possible with the caret: ^ (not just Ctrl-V)
- formatting bug in the profile of Guest fixed
- feelings_screen is outta here; constructed in usr->text
Changes as of July 27th 2005
- More prompt no longer resets color to green, but restores the color
- auto-coloring of symbols. It's an option in the Config menu
- fixed bug in statistics screen (it would display empty names)
- config option: show angle brackets around hotkeys
- bugfix: header on entering a new message shows sysop or room aide status
Changes as of July 14th 2005
- config menu option: verbose friend notifications
- custom eXpress Message header
- vanity flag
- config menu option: disable multi Xs
- room config menu looks a bit better
- edit colors via <Tab> and <\> backtab
Changes as of July 12th 2005
- find function on --More-- prompt using StringIO
- find backwards on --More-- prompt using StringIO
- timezone menu uses StringIO
- message text is StringIO
- room info is StringIO
- profile info is StringIO
- BufferedMsg text is StringIO
- usr->more_txt is out of here; everything is now StringIO
- better input word-wrap, also wraps on smaller screens
- better output word-wrap
- live editing of long color codes (not all codes, just colors)
Changes as of July 11th 2005
- mainloop() improved
- who lists, online friends list, talked-to list all with StringIO
Changes as of July 10th 2005
- minimum age requirement PARAM_HELPER_AGE for Helping Hand status
measured in days and may be 0
sysop-capable users get free ride
- boss screen can be reloaded from the sysop menu
- room info for Mail (hardcoded)
- max_mail_msgs is now a live parameter, but only applies on re-login
- max_messages is a default for new rooms
- per-room maximum of messages, configurable via room config menu
- bugfixes in time zone selection
- cache is now StringIO
- load_screen() uses StringIO
- Help files use color code '<key>', which ignores USR_UPPERCASE_HOTKEYS
- all screens work via the cache, except for the crash_screen
- display nologin status upon login, if active (only useful for sysops)
- profile_user() uses StringIO
- known_rooms() uses StringIO
- reading room info uses StringIO
- fixed problem in mainloop(); sometimes you'd have to wait for a timeout
Changes as of July 9th 2005
- removed multi-language code
- unknown keywords in etc/param ignored for compatibility, particulary
useful when upgrading
- display random command on boss screen if the etc/boss file is missing
Changes as of July 8th 2005
- removed data port for now
- define some signals for Win32 (cygwin) portability
Changes as of May 29th 2005
- Feelings are now cached files rather than always resident
- feelings_screen is StringIO
Changes as of May 28th 2005
- --More-- prompt reads StringIO text and knows about terminal width
- fixes in hline and center code (for the thousandth time)
- load_xxx_version1() FF1_LOAD_UNKNOWN now ignores unknown keywords
enabling backwards compatibility for future versions
- PARAM_HAVE_MEMCACHE controls whether you want Malloc() to use a freelist
or not
- PARAM_HAVE_FILECACHE controls whether you want files to be cached
note that PARAM_MAX_CACHED also can be 0 to disable caching
- option: always show hotkeys in uppercase
- only relevant DST_Transitions are loaded; this saves memory
- print_stats() works with StringIO buffer
Changes as of May 20th 2005
- '{' displays credits
Changes as of May 19th 2005
- name_with_s() is now possession() which works better for most
Changes as of May 15th 2005
- wipe_line() wipes the current output line
- checksumming of source code
Changes as of May 13th 2005
- no_cr patch applied; <cr> code no longer exists
- render to Display context
Changes as of May 12th 2005
- patchlist so that you can see what patches are installed
Changes as of May 5th 2005
- MsgIndex list is gone; it is now an array of message numbers
- I/O buffers now done via StringIO
Changes as of May 4th 2005
- mainloop() only uses read() when select() tells him to
(another speed improvement)
Changes as of May 3rd 2005
- new StringIO type
Changes as of May 2nd 2005
- real output buffer minimizes flushes (big speed improvement)
Changes as of May 1st 2005
- Hash uses new type KVPair
- hostmap uses new type KVPair
- param uses new type KVPair
- feelings use new type KVPair
- SU_Passwd use new type KVPair
Changes as of April 30th 2005
- pop() pops off the beginning of the list and returns popped item
- remove() returns removed item
Changes as of April 25th 2005
- fixed bug in restartable timers
Changes as of April 24th 2005
- profile and login now show for how long someone was online last time
- option force screen dimensions, with word-wrap
Changes as of April 23th 2005
- IPv6 capable wrappers
- added possibility to lock out all users or New users only
- this is controlled by PARAM_HAVE_WRAPPER_ALL
- fixed bug in the defaults for boolean parameters
- config option menu with some old options in it
- new config option hold messages when busy
- new config option room beep
- new config option hide address from non-friends (by default enabled)
- new config option hide profile from enemies (by default enabled)
Changes as of April 19th 2005
- IPv6 capable name resolver
Changes as of April 18th 2005
- we're now IPv6 enabled
- PARAM_PORT_NUMBER and PARAM_DATA_PORT are strings; they can
also be specified by service name
Changes as of April 17th 2005
- added param umask, which has octal format
- PARAM_LONG no longer exists because it was not used anyway
- boss screen puts messages on hold, if param_have_hold is enabled
- minus and plus keys in recipient list editing
Changes as of April 16th 2005
- data port moved to ConnData code
- telnet code moved to Telnet.c
Changes as of April 15th 2005
- moved all socket code to Conn connection type
- buffered name resolver using Conn type
Changes as of April 10th 2005
- came up with the data port
(lots of loose ends)
Changes as of April 9th 2005
- cycle rooms when there are no new messages
behaviour is controlled by PARAM_HAVE_CYCLE_ROOMS
- crc32 hashkeys for language translations
- lock screen shows BBS name; practical thing for _addicts_
- boss key: the forward quote (tilde key)
Changes as of April 7th 2005
- when locked, Sysops must use their Sysop password to unlock
- added floors: categories and PARAM_HAVE_CATEGORY
Changes as of March 30th 2005
- expand_hline() optimized to work with width as well
Changes as of March 13th 2005
- <hline> and <center> now correctly expanded in long Who list as well
Changes as of March 5th 2005
- <hline> is now recursively interpreted and can handle colors
Changes as of March 4th 2005
- locale system; special language needs through hooks
Changes as of March 2nd 2005
- the language system seems to be working
Changes as of March 1st 2005
- removed obsoleted function getpass() from mkpasswd
- (it's been a year!)
Changed as of August 20th 2004
- bugfix in state_forward_room() when forwarding to someone else's mail room
Changed as of June 25th 2004
- bugfix in logging in (big bad hole which can reset any user to new)
Changes as of February 17th 2004
- bug in color_strlen() when using multiple '<<<<' signs
Changes as of February 1st 2004
- Mac OS X update, thanks to Jeremy Stock <> :
- updated config.guess and config.sub scripts (they were ancient and
failed to detect certain OSes, like Mac OS X)
- compilation breaks on Mac OS X in ipv4_aton.h; fixed
- init_process() is a system library function on Mac OS X; changed to
- make no longer runs: nm -P main > symtab
because the -P is not supported on all platforms
- released as 2.1
Changes as of January 25th 2004
- added BBS birthday as suggested by Stephan van Beerschoten
- changed 'Tab' to match substrings as well for room names
inspired by a suggestion of Shannon Prickett <>
- released as 2.0
Changes as of January 21st 2004
- fixed bugs with logging in; too many attempts
- fixed small bug in custom colors menu
Changes as of January 17th 2004
- replaced inet_aton() with ipv4_aton() to avoid build trouble on Solaris
- fixed bug in the profile function
- fixed small problem when banishing the 'New' user
Changes as of January 11th 2004
- PARAM_BOOL feature toggles
- defines LOBBY_ROOM, MAIL_ROOM, HOME_ROOM as fixed room numbers
as suggested by Shannon Prickett <>
Changes as of December 30th 2003
- tiny IRIX fixes
- new user and Guest get default timezone as specified in etc/param file
Changes as of December 29th 2003
- removed static buffers from functions
- added the new parameters to the sysop menu
- added bbs100_convert program for converting data files
- fixed bug with loading long lines in messages (long color codes again)
Changes as of December 28th 2003
- users can select personal timezone in the config menu
Changes as of December 13th 2003
- rewrote worldclock to use new Timezone structure
Changes as of December 11th 2003
- signals are now caught but only flagged as pending; they are handled
out of the signal handler context, synchronously in the program
this is much safer and better than it ever was
- command line options to main program: -d for starting in a debugger
- nologin moved to state_login.c; when nologin is active, everyone can
connect, but only superusers may login
- fixed ugly display of long message headers (especially in Mail>)
- message numbers no longer shown in Mail> replies because it is not correct
- file format of userfiles has changed
- file format of saved messages has changed
- file format of rooms has changed
- file format of statistics file has changed
Changes as of December 10th 2003
- parameter cache_expire specifies how long unused files remain resident
the file cache (in minutes)
- 'make' output makeover
Changes as of December 9th 2003
- internal file cache can be set to 0 to disable it
Changes as of November 14th 2003
- more autoconf portability checks and workarounds
Changes as of November 9th 2003
- OnlineUser hash is now a generic hash
- removed script from the dist, because this has all changed due to
the log file rotation
- help files etc. are now loaded through the cache
the login/logout screen are still permanently in memory
Changes as of November 8th 2003
- changed behaviour of displaying hidden rooms in the known rooms list
- room aides can now activate subjects and anon posts from the room config
- added generic hash code
Changes as of November 2nd 2003
- fixed bug in edit_name(!) backspace messed it up, as noted by Richard
of MatrixBBS
- anon aliases should always be forced to lowercase
- added 'x' flag in who list when someone is sending you a message
- added 'm' flag in who list when someone is mailing you a message
- tell user at logon that (s)he has message reception turned off
Changes as of October 30th 2003
- crash recovery : protection against looping and crashing again and again
- option in param file: 'oncrash' can be 'recover' or 'dumpcore' or 'whatever'
- savecore : archiving of core files
Changes as of October 28th 2003
- Timers have void* argument instead of User* argument
- timerq is now sorted and works with 'relative' time; more efficient
Changes as of October 27th 2003
- automatic log archiving
- option logrotate: daily/weekly/monthly/none
- fixed friend notification when locked & relogging (reported by Eeyore)
Changes as of October 26th 2003
- changed logging; now done to log/bbslog and log/authlog
logd program is outta here
Changes as of October 25th 2003
- added timezone information for the world clock function
which is exciting, because tonight we switch from CEST to CET again
Changes as of October 21st 2003
- put the source in svn
- 'g' is for Goto next unread room
- fixed typo in etc/shutdown
Changes as of November 25th 2002
- next_unread_room() first checks Lobby>, then Mail>, then other rooms
- changed version number to 1.2.0
- released as 1.2.0 (first new release after a year..!)
Changes as of October 31st 2002
- 't' shows Time with a neat calendar and world time zones
- added site-specific hooks for loading/saving UserData
Changes as of October 25th 2002
- replies in rooms without subjects show up as 'Re: <message number>'
- forwarded messages without subject have subject '<forwarded from <room name>>'
- forwarded messages in rooms without subject show up as 'Fwd: ...'
- bugfix: only directories with completely numeric names are loaded as rooms
upon startup
Changes as of October 24th 2002
- file opens are now always done thru 'atomic' openfile() and closefile()
this prevents files from becoming corrupted if the bbs reboots or crashes
during a file write
Changes as of October 22nd 2002
- enter/leave messages in chat rooms are no longer logged in the room history
(because it is annoying to see ppl only wandering in and out)
- every room now keeps an 'inside' list of users
- if you having beeping enabled, and a message is posted in the room you are in,
it will beep ya
- Ctrl-W in Sysop mode gives the option 'Who is in this room'
Changes as of October 21st 2002
- when replying from within X history (Ctrl-X) or hold mode (Ctrl-B),
you don't fall out of that mode anymore, but nicely return to it
- empty Quicklist entries are now displayed as "<empty>"
Changes as of October 19th 2002
- hold message mode silently toggles Helping Hand mode
- added donated features/fixes by Richard of MatrixBBS:
- press Ctrl-T for talked-to list
- Ctrl-D on roomprompt changes Doing
- typo: receiption vs. reception
- typo: "suddenly logged off"
- enable/disable Xs remembers if you were available to help others
- MailAnywhere: 'm' on roomprompt sends mail
- WarnFollowUp: 'user is busy sending you a message in follow-up mode'
- profile shows total amount of time the user is online
- PARAM_NAME_SYSOP can no longer be used as login name
(too bad for people who already had such a login name)
Changes as of July 20th 2002
- major rewrite of mainloop(), code cleanup and it fixes a bug:
the connection could lock up when sending lots of input at once (upload)
Changes as of May 31st 2002
- added a free_list to Memory.c for faster allocation/reuse of objects
Changes as of May 20th 2002
- changed design of how busy/held/normal messages arrive
- added tags <hline> and <center> for help texts and such
Changes as of May 19th 2002
- fixed bug; BUFMSG_SEEN sometimes wasn't set when someone logged
off in between
usr->send_msg is now a seperate copy of the message
- press Ctrl-B for hold message mode
Changes as of May 14th 2002
- fixed bug in MD5 password encryption
- colors now also may be specified via long notation:
<red>, <green>, <yellow>, <blue>, <magenta>, <cyan>, <black>,
<beep>, <lt>, <gt>, <normal>, <default>
Changes as of May 12th 2002
- Toggle Beep moved from Ctrl-B to 'B'
- new feature: Ping shows for how long a user is idle (after 2 minutes)
Changes as of May 11th 2002
- put the source in CVS
was a bit of a hassle :P
- changed 'make setup' to create directories rather than copy them
from the dist tarball
- fixed bug in Sysop menu
- 'a' for Read Again
- '(' for Read Parent of a Reply
- better word-wrapping
- Ctrl-W for erase word in posts and Xs
- added Ctrl-W for erase word in edit_line
- 'ABORT' aborts an X message
- 'b' on --More-- prompt, but on the first page, quits the --More-- prompt
- Lobby> is always checked for new posts
- deleting all posts in a room now prints a warning message
about resetting the creation date as well.
It is still a bug, but at least it now gives a warning about it...
- in the Sysop menu, for Disconnect, Nuke, Banish, the name list will
be empty by default to prevent accidents... :)
Same goes for Kick in the Room Config menu
- upon login, if you have new mail, but there is also a new Lobby>
post, you'll read the Lobby> first
Otherwise you automatically end up in Mail>
- Ctrl-R for uploading replies
The code was there, but it was disabled..!
The Room Config menu is now accessed via Shift-A or Ctrl-A
just like it has been on MatrixBBS for ages now
Changes as of November 1st
- fixed bug in inviting/kicking users
- friends are no longer notified of login if the login kills another login
by the same user
- fixed bug in anonymous posting
- fixed memory leak (the number of Joined structures that was allocated)
- released as 1.1.12 (bugfix release)
Changes as of October 18th
- added OnlineUser: hash of online userlist for fast is_online() lookup
- added PARAM_USERHASH_SIZE to control size of the online user hash
- released as 1.1.10
- bugfix ; OnlineUser structures were never freed in memory
- released as 1.1.11 (also known as the 0F release)
Changes as of October 17th
- added an extra '<space><backspace>' to erase_many() in edit.c
I wonder when this glitch slipped in since it's been there for quite a while
and I wonder if this 'breaks' any other pretty-printing when editing the
recipient list
- cache hit and miss counters are now reset when you resize the cache
- quickly released as 1.1.9
Changes as of October 16th
- fixed bug in Reply All (sometimes the same recipient could show up multiple
times in the recipient list, and thus recieve double messages)
Changes as of October 15th
- the file cache finally works the way it should:
* it's a hash of linked lists (for fast searches)
* it's got a FIFO with head and tail pointers (for LRU algorithm)
* it's resizeable
* File and CachedFile are seperated from each other
* the interface is more like in BBX (Fopen(), Fclose(), etc)
I was feeling kind of ill when I wrote this, so I wonder if there are any
bugs in it -- it all seemed to work the way I want it to when testing.
- changed 'unzappable' to 'not zappable'
- grammatical error "You do get it (by) this way" fixed
- released as 1.1.8
Changes as of October 12th
- fixed the backspace key
- fixed bug in "busy mailing you a message"
- added "busy sending/mailing you a message" when logging out
- released as 1.1.7
Changes as of October 10th
- changed some things in the telnet negotiations (like DEL/BS translation,
and '\n' is now ignored). This ought to fix certain weird problems that Mac
and some Windows users were experiencing
- logd now logs in localtime instead of annoying gmtime
- released to the public as 1.1.6
Changes as of October 7th
- fixed problem with distribution; some compilers choke on the control
characters in the source
as reported by Richard Odekerken <>
- fixed small bug in distribution; when doing a fresh install, there was
a thingie with bin/
Changes as of October 6th
- added NOCTTY in main.c to detach of controlling tty even more
Changes as of October 1st
- added stats for Feelings
- for Sysops: list cache size as well in the Stats
- fixed typos in etc/hostmap; some countries should begin with 'the'
- this version was given to the test site as 1.1.6
Changes as of September 23rd
- added RTF_LOOPING, LOOP_STATE, and usr->loop_counter for 'multiplexed' loops
- undeliverable messages can now be sent as Mail>
(messages are undeliverable when someone logs off, locks, or disables 'm)
- Config menu> Terminal settings screen is now is magenta instead of green
- fixed bug: <empty> does not wish to receive Mail> from you
Changes as of September 22nd
- fixed typo: "Guest cannot play reply to messages" now reads "Guest cannot
reply to messages"
- fixed typo: "Guest cannot play forward messages" now reads "Guest cannot
forward messages"
- fixed: "Auto enabling room aide functions" changed to "Auto enabling %s
- changed "Super User" to PARAM_NAME_SYSOP everywhere in the code
- changed "room aide" to PARAM_NAME_ROOMAIDE everywhere in the code
- improved the check for empty messages
- added usr->new_message, which should fix a couple of weird bugs caused by
the fact that new and read messages were not seperated in the User struct
- added flag ROOM_HOME for Home> rooms, which makes sure no Sysop is messing
around with Home> rooms in the Room Config menu
- added line in help.std about Home> and /Ctrl-R
reported by Ruben van Staveren <>
- removed line in help.roomconfig about assigning room aides
- help.roomconfig: Change room name is not available in the Home> room
- fixed reply bug; message number was wrong when replying to a reply
(reported by Mz Boobala <>)
Changes as of September 21st
- fixed message deletion bug, as reported by Mz Boobala <>
- emergency release as 1.1.5
Changes as of August 31st
- fixed small memory leak
- fixed possible crasher, which apparently never occurred, but is fixed anyway
- released as 1.1.4
Changes as of August 22nd
- fixed bug in Timer.c : reboot and shutdown timer didn't work correctly
when ppl logged out (first reported on beta test site)
Changes as of August 21st
- Arend Brouwer <> reported that the password encryption
does not work properly on FreeBSD 4.0 with MD5 enabled.
Should be fixed now, although I do not have an oppertunity of testing the
fix, and there is a slight possibility that the system on which the problem
occurred was not properly installed
- Guest can no longer lock, as suggested by Stephan Beerschoten
Changes as of August 17th
- Jason Lentz <> reports that Slackware Linux has its
own SignalHandler type in /usr/include/signal.h
To fix this, SignalHandler is now called SignalVector
The whole SignalHandler code is way overkill (it's used only once) but
that's another story...
- added Ctrl-G for GPL ; etc/GPL
- added ']' for local mods list ; etc/local_mods
- added '[' to reflect version info
- added params gpl_screen and mods_screen
- added gpl and mods in the Sysop|Params|Reload menu
- redid the Sysop|Params|Files menu, now includes gpl, mods, and hostmap
- updated the help files, as well as INSTALL, README, NOTES, etc
- improved 'make setup' and added file UPGRADING
Changes as of August 14th
- notify_friends() now beeps (for users that have beeping enabled)
Changes as of August 12th
- added 'make setup' for easier installation procedure
Changes as of August 9th
- version 1.1.1
- fixed bug; write_pidfile() used PARAM_PID_FILE before param was loaded
as pointed out by C-H-I-P-S <>
- fixed bug; var was declared time_t *t but should've been time_t t
Changes as of August 6th
- removed all FIFO code from CachedFile.c
The cache now is a standard hash, no more bugs damnit!!
- removed command parser because it was only used by the internal debugger
(which is gone now too)
- added memory allocation status in Sysop menu
it has allocated object counters, which is done by Malloc(), which uses
the Types_table
- added 'Uncache file' in Sysop menu
- added 'Is date correct?' in Time Zone Config for ppl at the date border
- fixed width Statistics screen
It works for reasonably long names now. It's not perfect, but a lot better
- added a hostmap ; you can now set descriptions for where users come from
Changes as of August 5th
- removed online debugger (because it can cause corruption and crashes)
- added Config TimeZone (sync clocks + 24 hr clock vs 12 hr clock)
- first release will be called 1.1.0 because I have to do some more things
Changes as of August 2nd 2000
- removed all license code
- set version number to 1.0.0
- we're going to be released under GPL soon
Changes as of July ...?
- removed memory hash -> suddenly giant memory leak is gone
Changes as of May 3rd
- fixed giant memory leak : Free() didn't find the address due to a buggy
long -> int conversion (or something..??)
Changes as of April 28th
- finally fixed the filecache FIFO head and tail pointers
- filecache finally is a hash, now it is more efficient!
Changes as of April 18th
- added Memory.c ; use Malloc() and Free()
still have to make the garbage collector work somehow...
Changes as of March 22nd
- fixed: users die al uitgelogd waren, waren nog even visible in de
Changes as of March 8th
- Ctrl-F in Mail> mails to all friends
- wrappers; editing netmask
Changes as of February 13th
- online friends list (Ctrl-F) now sorted by name and in columns
- user himself/herself is shown in white in the who list
Changes as of February 10th
- short Who-list now sorted column-wise, just like Feelings
Changes as of February 6th
- We have Feelings (press '*')
Feelings can be customized by the admins
- To toggle message receiption, press 'X'
Changes as of February 1st
- sort_List() now uses qsort() instead of doing a bubble sort
- completely rewrote Who list code
Changes as of January 31th
- got code to work again last weekend :P
- fixed Reply All bug that popped up
- Ctrl-W to customize who list
- Added customize who list to Config menu as well
Changes as of January 20th
- added chat rooms
- added personal room: Home> (press Ctrl-R at Home> to customize)
This room always is room #2 (which causes some 'trouble' with roominfo_read)
Changes as of January 7th
- finished the debug 'set' function (implemented debug_reference())
Changes as of January 6th
- gotten the 'set' function in the online debugger to work
- fixed bug in Quicklist in Config menu
- fixed bug in tab key when tabbing through a list of names
- fixed bug in backtab key '\' when tabbing backwards through a list
Changes as of January 5th
- added configurable notify_login, notify_logout, notify_linkdead,
notify_idle, notify_locked, notify_unlocked
- source has reached a total of 24,000 lines
Changes as of January 4th
- changed 'bbs99' to 'bbs100'
- changed SymbolTable loader to accept nm POSIX.2 format only
- fixed bug in Ctrl-Z Zap All Rooms
Changes as of January 3rd
- made OffsetOf() macro to fully support interactive walking of structs
in the near future (which will obsolete 'set user')
Changes as of January 2nd
- added debugger function 'set user'
Changes as of January 1st
- added debugger struct definitions
Changes as of December 31st
- changed debugstack to use SymbolTable (much faster now)
Changes as of December 30th
- Debugger dumps all important types, except CachedFile (harder because it's
a tree)
- Debugger pretty-dumps flags and dates
- Debugger uses a symbol table to pretty-dump function pointers
Changes as of December 29th
- fixed locked bug when exiting the room config menu
- fixed 'Sysop' header in X messages/Questions/Emotes
- added NoZap flag to rooms
- added Debugger to Sysop menu (not fully functional yet)
Changes as of December 27th/28th/29th
- fixed bug in Mail> access
- fixed broken word wrap
- fixed Guest login time
- removed "login as 'Guest' to look around" from BBS code
(admins should put it on the login screen)
- when x-ing/emote-ing/question-ing as Sysop, the msg header now shows
'from Sysop: <name>'
- fixed bug in auto-replying to a message
- the number of lines in an xmsg is now dynamic; configurable by admin
- HHs now auto-reply to questions even if they were busy when the question was
- added dynamic temp buffers
- New users get 'is new to <bbs_name>' as default doing
- integrated ton of parameters in param file into the sysop menu
Changes as of December 23rd 1999
- EDIT_INIT state was often not called (numerous erroneous flag settings have
been fixed)
- added ton of parameters to the param file
however, 'Sysop' remains a reserved name
- Guest logins didn't have a mailbox anymore, causing them to be unable to
read any rooms
Changes as of December 22nd 1999
- moved loading of Mail> room from go_online() to load_User()
- possibly fixed Mail> problems (? (SIGUSR1 handler))
- changed generation number to reflect room creation time
This fixes what is design flaw in other DOC-like BBSes (the incremental gen
- Questions fully implemented (press 'q' or 'Q')
Questions won't go to enemies
- QuickView Quicklist moved to Ctrl-Q
- anyone can become available to help others (press '%' to toggle)
Changes as of December 20th 1999
- message forwarding didn't work at all anymore; fixed
- total online time shown in profile and stats changed
- increase generation function is no longer accessible to RAs; sysops only
- 'Sysop' is now a reserved login name
- Guest user and multiple simultaneous Guest logins
- it said '%s is busy sending you a message' in cases where this was not true
- added '%s is busy mailing you a message'
- fixed messed up prompt when editing multiple recipients and getting an error
- press '-' for Read Last n messages
- press '+' for Skip n messages
Changes as of December 16th 1999
- changed loading of joined rooms in users (muuuuch faster now)
- completely rewrote the routines that make you find new messages in rooms
- changed the known rooms function
- Anon rooms are now marked with a green 'A' in known rooms list
- typo on login for New users :P
- included a crude check for empty messages
- RAs can't unassign co-RAs (they can _assign_ them, however)
- RAs can't unassign themselves
- changed help.roomconfig
- changed periodic saving of users to 5 minutes
- known room list is now sorted by number
- newly created rooms get 'unused' room numbers
- fixed buffer overflow when pressing tab on Jump room
- completely new (and different) licensing mechanism
- sysops can see when the license expires in the Statistics screen
- fixed 'UNREGISTERED blah blah' bug (buffer overflow)
- spent two hours figuring out why it crashed when an invalid license was
replaced with a valid one; turned out it is unsafe to remove timers from the
timer queue from within a timer function
Changes as of December 15th 1999
After a year I have decided to finally go keep a history log.
It's been about 4 to 5 months since I've done _anything_ on the code, so
it was like meeting an old friend ;)
- crash handler now attempts recovery: keep the bbs running anyway
This function is highly experimental (don't be surprised if it messes up)
- editing multiple recipients now works better (had a problem in Mail>)
- reply to one person won't require a <return>
- followup mode won't require a <return>
- terminal size was not remembered if user made a mistake while logging in
- when profiling someone who is not online, the name is not remembered
(and thus fixing the stupid message 'In the meantime, %s has logged off' when
he/she never was online)
- SIGQUIT reboots the bbs in 5 minutes
- SIGABRT shuts the bbs down in 5 minutes
- SIGTERM does a quick shutdown (save all users and exit)
- SIGUSR1 checks for new mail for all online users
- RAs now have more options in the Room Config menu
- hidden and/or invite-only rooms are now handled correctly (no longer appear8
as Zapped)
RAs of such rooms should increase the generation number of the room in order
to make everything work correctly (which also causes everyone to re-read the
- room aide functions will be automatically enabled when a RA presses Ctrl-R
in his/her room
- users are now saved every 10 minutes
- known rooms ('k') and all known rooms ('K') now print list in the same order
- fixed default reboot/shutdown time in sysop menu
- the Mail> room now can have room info (even though it's not possible to set
from within the bbs)