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bbs101 Copyright (c) 2009 by Walter de Jong <walter@heiho.net>

bbs101 is a rewrite of bbs100.

bbs101 is beta software. Only a limited set of features is implemented;
 * the eXpress message system is mostly working
 * eXpress messages, emotes, pings, profile, and screen lock are working
 * you can use cursor keys while editing and pageup/pagedown are working
   on the --More-- prompt
 * the Config menu is present
 * a basic Sysop menu is present
 * there are no rooms implemented
 * you can not post messages
 * you can not send Mail to other users

This means that at this moment, bbs101 is mostly a chat-only version
of bbs100.

bbs101 uses a multi-threaded programming model. This means: no more dreadful
state machine!
Every user instance in bbs101 runs its own thread. This means you have to
take locking into account. I have already implemented the hardest part,
which is the interactive messages system.

The backend of the BBS is powered by MySQL.
The file bbs101.sql holds the SQL source to create the database.
The database must be named 'bbs101', the admin user must be named 'bbs101',
and the database password must be 'bbs1oh1'.
To make yourself Sysop, insert your name into the 'Sysops' database table.
You will have to this from the mysql> prompt; there is no way to do this
from within the bbs (this is considered a security feature).

By default, the Makefile produces a debug binary. This is an exceptionally
slow and inefficient binary; for production uses, edit the Makefile first.

Upon startup, the bbs does not go into the background yet. If there are no
users online, it is OK to terminate the process with Ctrl-C.

By the way, I'm not throwing some half-finished product on the net.
bbs101 runs quite alright, just be aware that for the moment, it's online
chat only.
I hereby allow you to run a modified version of this code, as long as you
leave the copyright notices intact, thank you.

My apologies for the rather summary information on bbs101, but I'm sure
you techies will know what to do with it ...


     --Walter <walter@heiho.net>