cluster configuration management tool for UNIX sysadmins
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synctool Copyright 2015 Walter de Jong <>

synctool is distributed under terms described in the GNU General Public

Documentation is in the doc/ directory.
Online documentation in HTML pages is available at:

synctool is a tool that can help you administer your cluster of computers.
It is meant for copying configuration files to groups (or classes) of
computers within a cluster.
There are other tools in existence that do the same thing, and ironically,
none of them are as easy to understand and use as synctool.

synctool simplyfies things by working with the following concepts:

* a host can be part of a logical group
* files are designated a group by means of filename extension
* the 'overlay' directory tree contains the files and directories that should
  be copied (or 'synced') to the target host
* when certain files are updated, you will want to execute a command
  (eg, `service daemon restart`)
* synctool is easy to learn

synctool does not hide UNIX from you.
Making clever use of synctool makes it a very powerful tool.

synctool started in 2003 and has since been in use with great success,
doing real work at big computing centers. Hopefully, it will be of
some value to you as well.