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A TapLynx plugin to let users display local or remote html pages depending on connectivity
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README File for Tyree Apps' modifications to OOZWebView (a TapLynx plugin)

Note about UIElements:
We have included the NavBack.png files as we use those for the back
button. However, any TapLynx based project should already have the
NavBack.png loaded.

OOZWebView is implemented to solve a TapLynx problem whereby only a 
local resource was possible for the About HTML page. The OOZWebView
lets the developer specify a remote file as well as a local file to
use when network connectivity is not available.

Please read the OOZreadme for how to implement the plugin.

The Tyree Apps enhancements to OOZWebView allow for the developer
to specify multiple html files. After clicking on a link, a back
button appears to help navigation.

Additionally, the logic for how to set the base URL for a local file
has been changed to account for more cases than the original.

For the web pages that are to be local to the iPhone application,
you must specify the Anchor Tags as relative links such as:
href="anotherlocalfile.html" or img="localimage.gif"

As always, feedback and improvement suggestions appreciated.

Walter Tyree
Tyree Apps, LLC
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