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@Ingvord Ingvord released this Dec 15, 2019


  • #172 migration to webix 7.0: Waltz is now stylized following material design guidelines, see webix blog


  • #230 HintWidget has been added: this will allow developers to implement help tours for users to learn quickly

Peek 2019-12-15 13-16

  • #228 Attribute name is now used whenever possible

  • #225 Initial load time of TableWidget has been greatly improved

  • #223 Multiply datasources collection for a XenvHQ profile

  • #162 BeamtimeDB widget first prototype has been developed. Future progress in dedicated repo: here


  • #224 Ant is now used as a main build tool (instead of jmvcc)

  • #232 Migration to NodeJS, first steps

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