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An example of gRPC with mutual TLS between Go and Python
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gRPC with Mutual TLS Between Go and Python


Install Go support for Protocol Buffers and gRPC-Go:

# only on macOS
# other OS see:
brew install protobuf

# install proto file compiler plugin for Go
go get -u

# install these deps in a Go module folder (with go.mod)
go get -u
go get -u

Create a new virtualenv project, and then install deps:

pip install grpcio grpcio-tools

Run server and client

First things first, run make to generate Go and Python code from api/metrics.proto file, and create all the certs needed when launching the server and client.

In one terminal window/split, run:

make server

In another terminal window/split, run:

make client

You will see gRPC response printed in the client side window/split.

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