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Getting Started

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Getting Started

The first thing you need to start developing is a valid developer account. Go to and click on the Get Trial Access button. Once validated, you can connect to the client area. Go to the developer menu to create your first component.

Component creation

Wanaplan is a component based software, so it's easy to add new features for the 2D or 3D engine as well as for the software in its globality. Components are written in JavaScript (wiki). The first thing to do to create a component is click on the New button.

Some information is required when you decide to create a component. The Mode option defines whether your component is usable by the editor, the viewer or both of them.

Wanaplan has a 2D engine used to draw plans and a 3D engine to draw the results in 3D. If your component must display or edit 3D objects then you must select the 3D engine option otherwise, you can select the 2D engine option for all other types of components (2D or service). Finally you must add a short description.

Once you click on the Create button, a code editor will appear to let you edit the code of the component.

Of course you can write your component in your favorite code editor. The Save & Deploy button allows you to save your component and test it directly into the embedded player.

All your components will appear in this list. When you create a new one, it's not validated for production use, that means you can use it in test mode but it's never deployed in production. When your component is ready to be deployed in production, a person in the team will be selected to validate it. The component will be tested to check if it works and complies to the specifications and requirements.


Once you created some categories, added textures and products, it'll be necessary to go to this menu to generate the configuration files used by your Wanaplan. It's imperative to go to this menu when you add, change or delete something. You always have two options for the deployment, the first allows you to generate the configuration files for the test environment. It's useful to test your changes before deploying them in production.

When you're ready, you can generate these files for the production environment and your update is automatically available on your website.