Ready to run Node JS version of Evernote API. Everest is an example of how to create Evernote RESTful Web Services from many Node.js components.
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Everest JS

Everest is a ready to run web application using Evernote API. This application is an example of how to create Node.js application that connect to Evernote. I puts several modules (Thrift, OAuth, and etc) all together to make it really easy for beginners.

How to run the application

  1. Edit file config.js (use your Evernote API key)
  2. Run everest.js (node everest.js)
  3. Open yours browser to http://localhost:8081/

Others Examples

There are several other examples in /examples directory. You can run these examples using Evernote's developer tokens.

Using Components


  • GET /me - User Infomation

  • GET /notes - NoteStore.findNotes

  • POST /notes - NoteStore.createNote

  • GET /notes/ - NoteStore.getNote

  • POST /notes/ - NoteStore.updateNote

  • POST /notes//delete - NoteStore.deleteNote

  • GET /tags - NoteStore.listTags

  • POST /tags - NoteStore.createTag

  • GET /tags/ - NoteStore.getTag

  • POST /tags/ - NoteStore.updateTag

  • POST /tags//expunge - NoteStore.expungeTag

  • GET /notebooks - NoteStore.listNotebooks

  • POST /notebooks - NoteStore.createNotebook

  • GET /notebooks/ - NoteStore.getNotebook

  • POST /notebooks/ - NoteStore.updateNotebook

  • POST /notebooks//expunge - NoteStore.expungeNotebook