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W&B Enterprise is the on-prem version of Weights & Biases. It makes collaborative experiment tracking possible for enterprise machine learning teams, giving you a way to keep all training data and metadata within your organization's network.

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Most enterprise customers will use a W&B Enterprise Server. This is a single virtual machine containing all of W&B's systems and storage. You can provision a W&B server on any cloud environment or local hardware or virtual server.

We also offer W&B Enterprise Cloud, which runs a completely scalable infrastructure within your company's AWS or GCP account. This system can scale to any level of usage.


  • Unlimited runs, experiments, and reports
  • Keep your data safe on your own company's network
  • Integrate with your company's authentication system
  • Premier support by the W&B engineering team

The Enterprise Server consists of a single virtual machine, saved as a bootable image in the format of your cloud platform. Your W&B data is saved on a separate drive from the server software so data can be preserved across VM versions.

We support the following environments:

Platform Image Format
Amazon Web Services AMI
Microsoft Azure Managed Image
Google Cloud Platform GCE Image
VMware OVA
Virtualbox OVA
Vagrant Vagrant Box

Server Requirements

The W&B Enterprise server requires a virtual machine with at least 4 cores and 16GB memory.

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