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Log in, restore code state, sync local directories to our servers, and run hyperparameter sweeps with our command line interface

Command Line Interface

After running pip install wandb you should have a new command available, wandb.

The following sub-commands are available:

Sub-command Description
docs Open documentation in a browser
init Configure a directory with W&B
login Login to W&B
off Disable W&B in this directory, useful for testing
on Ensure W&B is enabled in this directory
docker Run a docker image, mount cwd, and ensure wandb is installed
docker-run Add W&B environment variables to a docker run command
projects List projects
pull Pull files for a run from W&B
restore Restore code and config state for a run
run Launch a job, required on Windows
runs List runs in a project
sync Sync a local directory containing tfevents or previous runs files
status List current directory status
sweep Create a new sweep given a YAML definition
agent Start an agent to run programs in the sweep

Restore the state of your code

Use restore to return to the state of your code when you ran a given run.


# creates a branch and restores the code to the state it was in when run $RUN_ID was executed
wandb restore $RUN_ID

How do we capture the state of the code?

When wandb.init is called from your script, a link is saved to the last git commit if the code is in a git repository. A diff patch is also created in case there are uncommitted changes or changes that are out of sync with your remote.

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