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How to integrate a Keras script to log metrics to W&B


Use the Keras callback to automatically save all the metrics and the loss values tracked in

{% code title="" %}

import wandb
from wandb.keras import WandbCallback
wandb.init(config={"hyper": "parameter"})

# Magic, y_train,  validation_data=(X_test, y_test),

{% endcode %}

See our example projects for a complete script example.


Keras WandbCallback() class supports a number of options:

Keyword argument Default Description
monitor val_loss The training metric used to measure performance for saving the best model. i.e. val_loss
mode auto 'min', 'max', or 'auto': How to compare the training metric specified in monitor between steps
save_weights_only False only save the weights instead of the entire model
save_model True save the model if it's improved at each step
log_weights False log the values of each layers parameters at each epoch
log_gradients False log the gradients of each layers parametres at each epcoh
training_data None tuple (X,y) needed for calculating gradients
data_type None the type of data we're saving, currently only "image" is supported
labels None only used if data_type is specified, list of labels to convert numeric output to if you are building classifier. (supports binary classification)
predictions 36 the number of predictions to make if data_type is specified. Max is 100.
generator None if using data augmentation and data_type you can specify a generator to make predictions with.
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