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BETA support for Ray Tune sweep search and scheduler API

Ray Tune Sweeps

Ray Tune is a scalable hyperparameter tuning library. We're adding support for Tune to W&B Sweeps, which makes it easy to launch runs on many machines and visualize results in a central place.

{% hint style="info" %} This feature is in beta! We love feedback, and we really appreciate hearing from folks who are experimenting with our Sweeps product. {% endhint %}

Here's a quick example:

import wandb
from wandb.sweeps.config import tune
from wandb.sweeps.config.tune.suggest.hyperopt import HyperOptSearch
from wandb.sweeps.config.hyperopt import hp

tune_config =
            width=hp.uniform("width", 0, 20),
            height=hp.uniform("height", -100, 100),
            activation=hp.choice("activation", ["relu", "tanh"])),

# Save sweep as yaml config file"sweep-hyperopt.yaml")

# Create the sweep

See full example on GitHub →

Feature Compatibility

Search Algorithms

Ray/Tune Search Algorithms

Search Algorithm Support
HyperOpt Supported
Grid Search and Random Search Partial
BayesOpt Planned
Nevergrad Planned
Scikit-Optimize Planned
Ax Planned
BOHB Planned


HyperOpt Feature Support
hp.choice Supported
hp.randint Planned
hp.pchoice Planned
hp.uniform Supported
hp.uniformint Planned
hp.quniform Planned
hp.loguniform Supported
hp.qloguniform Planned
hp.normal Planned
hp.qnormal Planned
hp.lognormal Planned
hp.qlognormal Planned

Tune Schedulers

By default, Tune schedules runs in serial order. You can also specify a custom scheduling algorithm that can stop runs early or perturb parameters. Read more in the Tune docs →

Scheduler Support
Population Based Training (PBT) Investigating
Asynchronous HyperBand Planned
HyperBand Investigating
HyperBand (BOHB) Investigating
Median Stopping Rule Investigating
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