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Version 0.2.4

  • Adding keepalive support
  • Fixing bug when reloading nginx configuration file (Thanks Rob Mueller for bug report)

Version 0.2.3

  • Fixing bug to accept different message templates on different subscriber locations (Now you CAN remove push_stream_message_template directive from publisher location, it will not be used there)
  • Fixing bug on publisher which let too many open connections with fast publishers on some nginx versions
  • Fixing bug of segfault when the module is part of nginx but not in use (Thanks Rob Mueller for bug report)
  • Fixing bug when store message is off, memory of messages was not free after sent to subscribers

Version 0.2.2

  • Fixing bug when apply message and channel name to template with values containing the same template pattern, could result in 100% of memory and CPU consumption, by recursion
  • Fixing bug when manipulating a channel which was removed from tree for another worker (the 100% CPU bug)
  • Fixing memory allocation for channel id
  • Fixing response for detailed channels statistics when have a big number of channels
  • Creating different timers to clear the memory, one for expired messages and another for empty channels
  • Disable Nginx chuncked filter for module locations

Version 0.2.1

  • Fixing bug on return for publisher, was rejecting the message for some clients
  • Fixing bug on allocation memory of ngx_str_t variables to ensure that has a char \0 at the end of each of them
  • Adding instruction to discard body, to release the connection as soon as possible
  • Adding license information
  • Organizing test suite

Version 0.2.0

  • Fixing bugs on release shared memory
  • Fixing bug on receive POST with empty message
  • Adding a different location to get channels statistics push_stream_channels_statistics
  • Adding new directives push_stream_max_number_of_channels, push_stream_max_number_of_broadcast_channels and push_stream_memory_cleanup_timeout
  • Removed support to PUT and DELETE http methods on publisher location
  • Removed different types of return on publishing messages in case that was published on a empty channel or on one which has subscribers
  • Removed directive push_stream_subscriber_disconnect_interval, this interval is calculate based on push_stream_subscriber_connection_timeout
  • Removed directive push_stream_min_message_buffer_length
  • Change default values of some directives
directive old value new value
push_stream_min_message_buffer_timeout 7200 seconds unset
push_stream_max_message_buffer_length 10 unset
push_stream_authorized_channels_only on off
push_stream_store_messages on off
push_stream_max_channel_id_length 1024 bytes unset
push_stream_broadcast_channel_max_qtd 1 unset

Version 0.1.0

Initial version of this module was based on pushmodule

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