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The tests for this module are written in Ruby, and are acceptance tests.
To run them is needed to have an environment with:

  • ruby >= 1.9.3
  • bundler >= 1.1.4

and install required gems doing:

cd misc/
bundle install --without docs

Then issue rake spec.
This command run the tests using nginx executable located at /usr/local/nginx/sbin/nginx with 1 worker responding at host and port 9990.
To change this behavior use the commands bellow

NGINX_EXEC="../build/nginx-1.2.0/objs/nginx" rake spec   # to change default path for nginx executable
NGINX_HOST="my_machine" rake spec                        # to change default hostname
NGINX_PORT=9889 rake spec                                # to change default port
NGINX_WORKERS=2 rake spec                                # to change dafault number of workers used

and can combine any of these parameters, like:

NGINX_PORT=9889 NGINX_EXEC="../build/nginx-1.2.0/objs/nginx" rake spec
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