Ruby Client for ActiveMQ
Ruby C++
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Ruby ActiveMQ

ActiveMQ client for Ruby using openwire protocol through activemq-cpp client.


0.0.1 – Initial version with support to publish text messages


You must install the ActiveMQ-cpp 3.2.5 version previously

  gem install activemq

If needed you can pass where is the activemq-cpp, library and includes, example:

  gem install activemq -- --with-activemq-cpp-lib=/opt/activemq-cpp-3.2.5/lib --with-activemq-cpp-include=/opt/activemq-cpp-3.2.5/include/activemq-cpp-3.2.5

Basic Usage

Considering default configuration of ActiveMQ server

Publish Message

require 'activemq' amqcf = connection = amqcf.create_connection session = connection.create_session topic = session.create_topic("topic_name") producer = session.create_producer(topic) message = session.create_text_message("Text to send") producer.send_message(message) connection.close


  • Add Properties to messages
  • Exception listener
  • Consumer by pooling
  • Consumer by stream
  • Work with Bytes and Map messages