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SimpleCov formatter to generate a simple index.html Rcov style

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SimpleCov Rcov Formatter gem

Is a Rcov style formatter for the ruby 1.9+ coverage gem: SimpleCov.

The target of this formatter is to cheat on Hudson so I can use the Ruby metrics plugin with SimpleCov.

So if you are looking some kind of workaround to integrate SimpleCov with your Hudson + Ruby metrics plugin this is a beginning.


$ [sudo] gem install simplecov_rcov


require 'simplecov_csv'
SimpleCov.formatter = SimpleCov::Formatter::RcovFormatter


The actual version generates only one simple /rcov/index.html file.


  • Author: Fernando Guillen
  • Copyright: Copyright (c) 2010 Fernando Guillen
  • License: Released under the MIT license.
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