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A centralized database of various game assets.


Discord License is a centralized database of various game assets — built with NextJS & TailwindCSS & Cloudflare Workers.


Name Description Technologies Core Team
site The frontend for the site NextJS, Cloudflare Pages, TailwindCSS enscribe, dromzeh
api API/Backend for the site Hono, CF R2/DO, Drizzle, Lucia, Turso dromzeh
img-resizer Public image resizer API Rust dromzeh
reverse1999-decrypt Bundles decryptor for R1999 Go alluding, dromzeh
i18n Localizations for's website Crowdin translators, dromzeh


  1. site site Public

    ⚙ The frontend of — built with NextJS, TailwindCSS & shadcn/ui

    TypeScript 26

  2. api api Public

    📦 The API for — (v2 branch) created using Cloudflare Workers, R2, DO, Hono, Lucia Auth, Drizzle, Turso, Scalar & Resend

    TypeScript 61 1

  3. img-resizer img-resizer Public

    image resizer built w/ cloudflare workers-rs

    Rust 4


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