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Discord Badge Release Badge Svelte Badge is a centralized database of various game assets — built using SvelteKit, TailwindCSS, and Node.js (powered with Cloudflare Pages, Workers, R2 & D1).

Local Development & Build

To run the website locally, follow these steps:

  1. Read API & CDN first.

  2. Clone the repository (either main or development branch, dependant on your use case), and run either:

    git clone
    # OR
    git clone -b development

    You also want to initialize the (i18n) submodules:

    git submodule update --init --recursive
  3. Install dependencies & run pnpm run dev to start the development server. The website will be available at http://localhost:1337 (or another port if 1337 is already in use).

  4. To build the website, run pnpm run build. After the build process is complete, run pnpm run preview to preview the site at http://localhost:4173.


Note: There are currently CORS rules setup if you are using's CDN — you may need to create your own R2 instance and change the cdn subdomain to your own R2. Make sure to also clone/modify the API and update the URLs.

The API and CDN have their own respective subdomains — api and cdn. The API is powered by Cloudflare Workers and the CDN is powered by Cloudflare R2. The API's code is available at the api repository. More details on setting up the API are available on api/#usage.

Production Deployment & Configuration


View src/hooks.server.ts for the current redirects.

Cloudflare Configuration

  • Build Command:

    npx pnpm i --store=node_modules/.pnpm-store && npx pnpm run build
  • Build Output Directory:


All pushes to the development branch is deployed to the beta subdomain @


  • Development: All contributions are welcome. Please make all pull requests to the development branch!
  • Assets and Translation: Asset contributions or requesting access to the Crowdin project can be sent on Discord (@dromzeh) or email:

A more detailed guide on contributing can be found in



  • @dromzeh - Project Lead & Developer (Website, API & CDN)

Asset Contributors and Translators

A full list can be found here.


Translations are managed on Crowdin. All translations can be found on the i18n repository.

License is licensed under GNU Affero General Public License v3.0You must state all significant changes made to the original software, make the source code available to the public with credit to the original author, original source, and use the same license.