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A neat pytorch implementation of nasnet and the ported weights from tensorflow
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A neat pytorch implementation of NASNet

The performance of the ported models on ImageNet (Accuracy):

Model Checkpoint Million Parameters Val Top-1 Val Top-5
NASNet-A_Mobile_224 5.3 70.2 89.4
NASNet-A_large_331 88.9 82.3 96.0

The slight performance drop may be caused by the different spatial padding methods between tensorflow and pytorch.

The porting process is done by and, modified from Cadene's project. Note that NASNets with the original performance can be found there.

You can evaluate the models by running, e.g. evaluate the NASNet-A_Mobile_224 ported model by

python --nas-type mobile --resume /path/to/modelfile --gpus 0 --data /path/to/imagenet_root_dir

The ported model files are provided: NASNet-A_Mobile_224, NASNet-A_large_331.

Future work:

  • add drop path for training
  • more nasnet model settings
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