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Wanderlust Development Repository
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doc Fix node information of *.texi files.
elmo elmo-rss.el: Fix the example of combination with pipe folder.
etc fix transparency of XPM for GNU Emacs (#26)
samples Update mailing list address
tests Add test for extracting message ids
utils Remove '1' argument for forward-char, backward-char and forward-line.…
wl New function for expanding target mark to the whole thread.
.gitmodules Remove APEL, FLIM, and SEMI submodule
BUGS IMAP STATUS command MUST NOT be used as a "check for new messages in the
BUGS.ja IMAP STATUS command MUST NOT be used as a "check for new messages in the
COPYING Update Folders chapter. Added Shimbun and Namazu section (empty).
ChangeLog New function for expanding target mark to the whole thread.
INSTALL Merged trunk to elmo-imap4-compliance
INSTALL.ja Merged trunk to elmo-imap4-compliance
Makefile Add EMACS_FLAGS environment variable
NEWS Update NEWS[.ja]
NEWS.ja Update NEWS[.ja]
README.ja Update mailing list address (See): Remove markdown link to INSTALL
WL-CFG Sync up with main trunk and following.
WL-ELS WL-ELS: Add wl-qs.el.
WL-MK Suppress to write mime-situation-examples-file at compile time.
wanderlust-pkg.el add wanderlust-pkg.el for MELPA

Wanderlust - Yet Another Message Interface on Emacsen

Wanderlust is a mail/news management system with IMAP4rev1 support for Emacs. It was originally developed by Yuuichi Teranishi.

For documentation, see also: Wanderlust on EmacsWiki


  • Implementation in elisp only.

  • Support of IMAP4rev1, NNTP, POP(POP3/APOP), MH and Maildir.

  • Integrated access to messages based on Folder Specifications like Mew.

  • Key bindings and mark processing like Mew.

  • Management of threads and unread messages.

  • Folder mode to select and edit subscribed folders.

  • Message cache, Disconnected Operation.

  • MH-like Fcc (Fcc: %Backup is possible).

  • Full support of MIME (by SEMI).

  • Draft editing of mail and news as a same interface.

  • Icon based interface for the list of Folder (XEmacs and Emacs 21).

  • Skip fetching of a large message part of MIME(IMAP4).

  • Server side searching (IMAP4), internationalized searching is available.

  • Virtual folder.

  • Compressed folder.

  • Automatic expiration of old messages.

  • Automatic refiling.

  • Draft templates.


See: `Install'

Mailing List

You can get information and help via the mailing list at:

Emails to the English list are forwarded to the Japanese list.

To subscribe, send an email to (Japanese) or (English). Use subscribe YOUR NAME as subject and body. To unsubscribe, use unsubscribe as body. To get help, use # guide as body.


The source code repository is available at Github. Patches that fix bugs and improve Wanderlust are welcome and can be sent to the Wanderlust mailing list.

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