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This is an unofficial command line client for the yUML web app. Use it to draw class diagrams, activity diagrams and usecase diagrams from the command line, integrate yUML into your documentation workflow or what have you.

yuml (the tool) supports all the styles and formats that yUML (the service) does, so you can take your pick between scruffy (the default), nofunky and plain for the styles and png, pdf, svg or jpg for the format.

Have fun.


Only the -o option is required.

-i Read yuml from FILE instead of stdin
-o Store output in FILE
-f Use specified format (one of png, pdf, svg, or jpg)
-t Use this diagram type (one of class, activity, or usecase)
-s Use this diagram style (one of scruffy, nofunky, plain)
--dir Lay out elements in this direction (one of LR, RL, TD)
--scale Scale output to percentage
-v Print some debug info


echo "[This]-[That]" | ./yuml -s nofunky -o diagram.png


To install yuml, try:

sudo pip install

...or the equivalent for your system.


yuml is distributed under the terms of the ISC license. See the COPYING.rst file for more details.

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