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This extension facilitates moving images from point A to point B.

Point A (the source) can be:

  1. An image inside your browser that you can drag to Emacs.
  2. An image on your file system that you can drag to Emacs.
  3. A local or remote image address in kill-ring. Use the org-download-yank command for this. Remember that you can use "0 w" in dired to get an address.
  4. A screenshot taken using gnome-screenshot, scrot, gm, xclip (on Linux), screencapture (on OS X) or , imagemagick/convert (on Windows). Use the org-download-screenshot command for this. Customize the backend with org-download-screenshot-method.

Point B (the target) is an Emacs org-mode buffer where the inline link will be inserted. Several customization options will determine where exactly on the file system the file will be stored.

They are: org-download-method:

  1. 'attach => use org-mode attachment machinery
  2. 'directory => construct the directory in two stages:
    1. first part of the folder name is:

      • either "." (current folder)

      • or org-download-image-dir (if it's not nil).

        org-download-image-dir becomes buffer-local when set, so each file can customize this value, e.g with:

            -*- mode: Org; org-download-image-dir: "~/Pictures/foo"; -*-

        To set it for all files at once, use this:

            (setq-default org-download-image-dir "~/Pictures/foo")
    2. second part is:

      • org-download-heading-lvl is nil => ""

      • org-download-heading-lvl is n => the name of current heading with level n.

        Level count starts with 0, i.e. * is 0, ** is 1, *** is 2 etc. org-download-heading-lvl becomes buffer-local when set, so each file can customize this value, e.g with:

            -*- mode: Org; org-download-heading-lvl: nil; -*-

org-download-timestamp: optionally add a timestamp to the file name.

Customize org-download-backend to choose between url-retrieve (the default) or wget or curl.