A boilerplate project and workflow for HTML5/JavaScript applications
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#Wand Boilerplate

An opinionated boilerplate project and workflow for HTML5/JavaScript applications.


  • Simple two step setup process
  • Automatically bundles JQuery, RequireJS, Backbone, Underscore, Handlebars and WandJS
  • Automatic CSS compilation with Stylus
  • Automatic JavaScript linting with JSHint
  • Built in development server running on Connect

(See Roadmap for future plans)

##Getting started


Note: The setup process will soon be automated into one command line call with Yeoman, but in the meantime you'll need to make sure you have NPM (Node Package Manager) and Bower (front end package manager) installed before you begin the quickstart

Step 1: Create a new directory, then navigate there in a terminal window.

Step 2: Paste the following commands into your terminal.

Note: This can be copy and pasted in one go, since the terminal will run each command sequentially

git clone git@github.com:wandjs/wand-boilerplate.git
cd wand-boilerplate/
git remote rm origin
npm install
bower install
grunt serve
# Setup complete

You're done!

Point your browser at http://localhost:8000, and start programming!


Clone the repository

git clone git@github.com:wandjs/wand-boilerplate.git

Navigate into the wand-boilerplate directory

cd wand-boilerplate/

Disconnect from the remote repository

git remote rm

Install Node dependencies with NPM (Node Package Manager)

npm install

Install browser dependencies with Bower

bower install

Start an Express server (on port 8000)

grunt serve

Just a comment, but ensures that previous command is executed

# Setup complete


Future plans include:

  • Yeoman integration - reducing setup to one command line call
  • Default RequireJS optimization task