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Helpers (and wikis) to easily test haxe code on travis. These scripts are an abstraction from @andyli's work on getting Travis to work with all Haxe targets



Copy travis-example.yml to your project as .travis.yml, customize as needed.


Copy appveyor-example.yml to your project as appveyor.yml, customize as needed.

Environment variables

The following environment variables are sensitive by the script runtime:


Defines the setup to be configured. This has exactly a 1:1 correspondence with the haxe target defined by the command-line


The target file (or directory) as specified by the haxe build.


If you decide to build using hx-travis' build scripts, use this flag to configure the flags used to call the haxe compiler


Again if you decide to build using hx-travis' build scripts, you can use this flag to determine target-specific options. Please note that if you override this you must include the target path and name. For example, if you want -D nodejs on a js app, you need to set HXFLAGS_EXTRA AS HXFLAGS_EXTRA=" -D nodejs -js js.js"


Defines the OS and architecture to be used as test. The following combinations may be used:

ARCH OS Description Implemented targets
x86_64* Linux 64-bit all; flash is always 32-bit
x86_64* Mac 64-bit all; flash is always 32-bit
i686 Linux 32-bit haxe, neko, js (node and phantomjs), php, cpp, c#, java
i686 Mac 32-bit cpp
i686 Windows 32-bit (AppVeyor) haxe, neko, cpp, java, cs, js (node only)
x86_64 Windows 64-bit (AppVeyor) cpp, java(default), cs(default), python


If applicable, specifies a custom toolchain to be used for building / running. Default is always default

Linux x86_64 js node*
Linux x86_64 js browser (1)


On non-sys platforms (example: flash, browser javascript, etc), the exit code can't be used to determine if a test ended successfully or not. Instead, the program at EVAL_TEST_CMD environment variable will be used. If no program is defined, the default program will be used. This will work with both utest (if compiling with -D travis) and buddy (if compiling with -D reporter=buddy.reporting.TravisHxReporter). Please note that you can fool the eval test quite easily for now - for example by tracing success: true while in a test.


Some functionality that are still to be implemented. Pull requests are very welcome:

  • toolchain: cpp - android
  • toolchain: cpp - iOs
  • toolchain: cpp - clang
  • Haxe 3.0 / 3.2 / 2.10 toolchains (allow to not use always the latest haxe)
  • Neko 1.8 / 2.0