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Various nagios checks that we use at Wanelo.


This script will use the Joyent tool "jinf" to validate that free RAM on the zone is within specified percentage thresholds.


./check_joyent_zone_mem  [-w <warn_perc>] [-c <critical_perc>]


./check_joyent_zone_mem -w 75 -c 90 
RSS OK : 47% used (4334Mb free)|rss=47%;70;85


Peeks into the Sidekiq queue using redis-cli and validates the queue depth is within a given warning/critical range.


./check_sidekiq_queue [-h host] [-a password] ([-q queue] || [ -s retry|schedule ]) [-n namespace] [-d db] [-w warn_perc] [-c critical_perc]

Defaults: localhost, no password, default queue, no namespace, db=0, warning at 500, critical at 1000.

./check_sidekiq_queue -h -q activity -w 200 -c 1000
SIDEKIQ OK : 0 on activity|sidekiq_queue_activity=0;200;1000

By passing -q flag you will be getting a size of a regular sidekiq queue, while passing -s flag allows checking the size of retry and schedule sidekiq system queues.


Checks transaction log position on a master PostgreSQL host and a replica and warns if the replica is behind by a certain amount of data.

Usage: ./check_postgres_replication [ options ]
   -h   --host       replica host (default
   -m   --master     master fqdn or ip (required)
   -U   --user       database user (default postgres)
   -x   --units      units of measurement to display (KB or MB, default MB)
   -w   --warning    warning threshold in bytes (default 10MB)
   -c   --critical   critical threshold in bytes (default 15MB)

Note that --units is only used in the response. No math is done to translate --warning or --critical, which should be set as bytes. Thus, a 20MB warning would be set as 20971520.


Nagios check that utilizes twemproxy status page, and returns OK/SUCCESS when all backend servers in the sharded cluster are connected, or CRITICAL otherwise.

Usage: ./check_twemproxy [-h host] [-p port]

Dependencies: ruby with JSON parser installed.


check_twemproxy --host
TWEMPROXY CRITICAL : error with redis cluster [twitter_feed] problem shards: shard003,shard006
check_twemproxy --host