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ffmpeg花式编译. build tool for all platforms: iOS, android, raspberry pi, win32, uwp, linux, macOS etc.
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wang-bin update patches to compatible with ffmpeg master and 4.2
mmal-add-vp8-mjpeg-wmv3.patch was incompatible with ffmpeg4.2, and
because of git shadow clone in ci, ffmpeg version can not be detected,
so get mmal symbol errors.
also remove unused(merged) patches
Latest commit 24dc673 Sep 13, 2019

It's a tool to build ffmpeg for almost all platforms.


Download prebuilt packages

Lite build of FFmpeg master branch (recommended):

Raspberry Pi, Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, MinGW, VS2019 Desktop, VS2019 UWP, Clang Windows Desktop, Clang UWP

FFmpeg release(4.2) and others:

Build Details:

Linux, android, macOS, iOS, raspberry pi, windows cross build: travis_ci, CircleCI

windows mingw, vs2013~2019, desktop/store/phone: appveyor_ci


  • Support single FFmpeg shared library: ffmpeg.dll,, libffmpeg.dylib
  • modern toolchain support: clang+lld, cross build for almost all platforms on any host OS
  • support windows xp with latest vs and win sdk (VS2019+win10 sdk) if ffmpeg <= 3.4
  • multiple targets build and configure simultaneously
  • support SSL for macOS & iOS
  • enable all gpu decoders and encoders if possible
  • nvidia driver version is not limited(nvcuvid, nvdec, nvenc)
  • ffmpeg patches

Build Matrix

CC/H?X/OS Linux Android macOS iOS RPi Win32 WinStore WinPhone
Clang H C A+H A+C H+C
Clang+LLD H C ? A+H+C A+H+C A+H+C A+C
VS2013 H H C
VS2015 H H C
VS2017+ H H
  • A: Apple clang
  • H: host build. Clang is open source clang
  • C: cross build (for example, build win32 from linux/macOS using mingw, build rpi from windows/linux/macOS using gcc and clang)
  • ?: in plan
  • Empty: won't support


  • single package for windows including shared and static libs
  • Azure pipeline: vs2019, macOS, etc.
  • lto prebuilt(shared only)
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