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Ph.D. Thesis Template

Nangyang Technological University

This version has been verified by NTU

Author: Chen Wang


You can see direct example in Overleaf Project (View Only).

Main thesis

Please change your name, title, and school in the file of Thesis.cls


For digital signature, make your own and put it in the folder "Styles" to replace the original one.


You may read my thesis on Dr-NTU

Hard-cover binding (Not recommend do this by yourself)

Midify the hardbound-cover.tex

You may not need to do this by yourself if you follow the Format. Just ask the stuff to follow the NTU 'standard'. if your need hard-binding in 7 days, just send your thesis to ultrasupplies, and confirm with them.

What's New

Updates (Signature Watermark), Oct. 2021:

Students and supervisors are advised to sign on the NTU watermark feature. This template has added the watermark as default. To use it properly, your signature image has to be the png format with transparent background. See Signature Example.

Updates (Thesis Parts), Jul. 2021:

Add examples to split the thesis into several parts. This should be useful when there are many chapters. Use it between chapters and see examples in "mythesis.tex".


\part{Part Name: Use it when there are many chapters (Part I)}

\part{Again for Second Part}

Updates (declaration statements), Mar. 2019:

This version has been modified according to the Format of final thesis, all submissions received on or after 1 Jan 2019 must include the declaration statements.

i.   Title Page	
ii.  Statement of Originality .      }
iii. Supervisor Declaration Statement} Research Integrity - Theses / Dissertations
iv.  Authorship Attribution Statement}	
v.   Acknowledgements	
vi.  Table of Contents
vii. Summary

Updates (Title Page), Aug. 2018:

We provide two styles for the title page, use "\maketitleforreview" or "\maketitle", in the file of "mythesis.tex", to choose your prefered one. Normally, the University prefers "\maketitleforreview".

Plain title page Beautiful title page
\maketitleforreview \maketitle

Other Contributors

Jinming Xu

Chongtian Huang


You may cite my thesis or papers, if you find this template is useful.


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